Marion Henry is a niave individual

pushy and assertive for his own good without a vision, very narrow minded and the man should have been taken out of his seat...was against the PNA at its inception but look where we are now...,in the last seven years fishing revenue for the PNA has increased from $US60 million annually to $US450 million due to the vessel day scheme.
At the workshop a representative from the Federated States of Micronesia noted the scheme faces challenges, including resistance from fleets and higher costs for fishing companies.

his R&D is disarray needs repair just like the broken down vehicle about to crumble and stop running. his staff are being suppressed like the communist runs R&D, nothing can move from his office, only things moving are things that will benefit him. he is behind the move for centralizing the FIP office and this list goes on and on however, the list is as red as hell with no hope in sight. we are frustrated....the leadership should change this guys.


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