Can someone from FSM Telecom please explain why SMS validations from international are not possible?

This is a ridiculous situation. I remember there was a time a few years ago when SMS validations were possible. Years later, are we moving backwards?


  • FSM Telecom is backward on so many levels and their rates are outrageous.

    Heard Docomo is in Chuuk.. we need that
  • Docomo is in Chuuk? How? The FSM licensing agency isn't even open to issue licenses yet.
  • ok then, it could be a rumor.
  • @butterfinger

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for competition. It's the only way a vendor can be forced to remain competitive through competitive pricing and/or technological innovation. In the end, the consumer is the one who wins. It would be nice to have a choice, wouldn't it?
  • very valid issue here. As for Docomo and Chuuk, some smart person (Frita and her husband) bought the SIMs for inbound visitors to Guam. Very smart.

    Now let's get back to this good topic.
  • Thank you for the comments. I would like to elaborate on this. The thing is, in this day and age, a username and password is no longer sufficient for some websites to provide you access to their services.

    Some of the websites I would like to access require sending a SMS code to your phone for verification. Only then will they allow you to complete the signup process.

    Nowadays, even mobile apps have started implementing SMS Code verification as a requirement for their services and as an individual that relies on technology to run my business, this is just unacceptable.

    Lastly, I am receiving complaints from my international counterparts that they are having a difficult time contacting me on my cell phone. This is not a new issue but seriously, will FSM Telecom ever resolve this issue or is it another discontinued service?

    I consider it quit frustrating that FSMTC is unable to be transparent about these type of situations.
  • Dang, dude. That sounds uber frustrating. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  • Folks, correction Docomo is not in Chuuk. Our laws prevent any other communications company to come and set up shop in the FSM. The airport departure store is selling DOCOMO sim card getting the traveler ready for Guam but they are not operating in Chuuk
  • So DOCOMO is, in Chuuk. Its products are being sold to locals leaving for Guam and beyond. DOCOMO is supposed to be a major player in the industry. I heard somewhere.
  • @dearhunter

    If what the nice folks in this thread are posting is correct, I wouldn't characterize Docomo as being "in Chuuk". Some clever vendor figuring out how to sell Citroen cars (I have seen some here on PNI) on Pohnpei does not mean Citroen is "in Pohnpei". I think that's what we'd call a "one-off".
  • @TrackitdoFM

    Sorry about derailing the thread.

    May I suggest getting a google voice number (preferably a US number) to do your verification more easily?
  • imageYeah, happens to me as well.
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