Pohnpei Christmas Festival?

Would anyone be interested in a Christmas Festival? The idea would be to get all the major stores to convene on one location- the track for example- to setup sales booths with all their Christmas specials. On the side, there would be rides, jump balloons, food booths, gift wrapping booths, and games as well. Ideally the festival would run 4-5 days, spanning at least one weekend.

For vendors, it would give them a chance to display their products and prices to a LARGE group of consumers. Booths would be rented. Customers that otherwise do not frequent particular vendors would now be available to make sales to.

For consumers, everything is now consolidated into one location for convenience, not to mention the fuel savings. As with the vendor benefit, the vendors they normally don't consider would now be readily available without expending the extra fuel. The side attractions would/could serve as a distraction for the kids while parents do their Christmas duties.

I think that would make things more convenient for shoppers and vendors, don't you agree?


  • I think this idea would be workable for a great majority of people, but not for me personally. I get really anxious in large crowds and purposefully avoid large gatherings of people if I can. For this past Xmas, I gave my wife and in-laws a large sum of money so they would take care of all the Xmas-purchasing needs.
  • A fellow introvert... hello friend.

    Would it be beneficial to the general public? I appreciate your reply. Would I go, personally? I would avoid it like the plague. I hate to sound like I'm dumping on my own idea but, like you, I can't stand crowds and would do almost anything to avoid them. If I'm going outside our house for any reason and I hear a vehicle approaching, I'd wait at the door until it faded away before opening the door. Is it a problem? No, that's just the way we are.
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