Trade War Between US and China Has Started


The US and China are now active in a trade War against one another. The US placed a tariffs on Chinese products a week ago. 2 days ago China responded by placing tariffs on over 800 us product. Today the US has responded with a tariff on 1,800 Chinese products that effects the entire Chinese economy.

For years China has been stealing US intellectual products and patents without compensation to those companies in the US that hold those patents. Now the US under Trump is now carrying out it's Campaign promise to straighten out the Chinese.

In the other long run China will lose this trade war. China depends more on export then the US. China's biggest market is the US. Many financial and economic experts said that in the end China will lose bigly.


  • Also would like to add Reaper that every year the US lose $600 billion to China's intellectual property theft. Trump as been saying this for years, first time I heard him talking about it in a tv interview was in the 90s. He said then that if he was in the Whitehouse he would stop China from doing this. 10+years later he did what he said he would do if he had the power to do it.
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