Saudi Crown Prince Recognize Israel Right To Exists


For the first time in history of the existence of the Israeli state, Saudi Arabia future King has Recognize the Jewish state right to exist. This has never been done before. Only in the age of Trump that it happened. The man behind this policy of getting Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel is none other than the Son in law of the US president.

Trump Recognized Jerusalem as israel capital, a few months later The future King of Saudi Arabia Recognized Israel rights to exists.


  • Wow the racist Nazi in the Whitehouse has got the Jew hating Arab kingdom to Recognize Israel. Shouldn't the Nazi be working to Arabs to destroy Israel? Why is the Nazi in the Whitehouse going above the call of duty to protect Israel? Shouldn't the Nazi be doing the opposite?
  • Let's just hope he is actually crowned. The selection of succession is done by council, has been overturned in the past by sitting kings, and, apparently, is "subject to change". If he does ascend to the throne, it would be interesting to see how the region changes, if any. Kings are not a reflection of public opinion, sometimes, far from it. The Shaw of Iran is a pretty good example of a Israel Friendly monarch in the region who didn't see eye to eye with his people and, subsequently, was ousted (mainly because he pilfered the national treasury like his personal wallet but the result remains the same, with respect to Israeli relations, nonetheless).
  • Where have you been? The crown prince has removed his opponent and has become the Recognize heir apparent of the kingdom. He has consolidated his hold on the Saudi National guard. Whomever controls the Saudi National Guard control the kingdom.

    "The enemy of my Enemy is my friend" Iran hates Israel. Saudi Arabia and Iran are now antagonizing for supremacy in the middle East. It's natural for Israel and Saudi Arabia to become allies to tackle what both consider a threat.
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