This forum is history

What happened to this place.
Junk posts, religion posts (when you have a page for religion) and Trump re posts.
Hard to find a serious post with all that around. Looks like less people around as well.
Sorry to say but all the above made it loose its momentum. This page used to be a guideline for serious and useful subjects.


  • There is a Facebook version of the forum. I believe someone said it's called micronesian form in Facebook. Over 8,000 members. Check it out.
  • mickjagger, you are correct, sad to say. As I pointed out months ago, this forum has been hijacked by Trumpkins, Russian trolls, trash talkers, bots, and spammers.

    Admin - if there is one - doesn't seem to care. And so this forum is dying.

    Of course you can always take Pawnstar's advice and go to MICRO FORUM on Facebook....unless you don't want Cambridge Analytica to harvest your personal information for political purposes.
  • I'm new here.This forum is a decade or so old.People comes and goes I guess.
  • This forum is not the Micronesian Seminar forum originally moderated by Fr. Hezel. When the Micronesian Seminar closed about five years ago, this Micronesia Forum was offered up as a replacement.
  • I highly recommend go to Facebook micsem forum. The discussions are alive and they talk about everything. They even talk about Trump. Don't take FM words to the bank, she was all over this forum starting anti Trump discussions.

    As for the administrators of this forum they respect the freedom of speech. Unlike the others in here who only want the left wing side discussion.
  • As for Cambridge harvesting info it's not new. Obama administration also used Facebook to harvest informations. Nothing new. I recommend you don't use your real info on Facebook. Only a dummy would do that.
  • The former Micronesia Forum is now the Trumpaganda Forum. Sad.
  • Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    I built a forum, with a live chat section, so my daughters and their friends could have a safe site to socialize, post, chat, share photos, etc. This was circa 2008 so facebook wasn't all that big yet. It seemed like a good idea at the time (It was my version of protecting my girls from online sickos). I guess I could probably visit the idea again but, considering I suffer from clinical sloth, I loath the idea of being an admin, and the fact that no one might ever register (which amounts to wasted time and effort), it might only become worthwhile if my level of boredom gets beyond manageable.
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