Russia's Economy Is Collapsing Due to Trump's sanctions


TRUMP slapped Russia's with new sanctions last week. And as a result of those sanctions the Russian economy is on the brink of collapse. Investors are fleeing Russia. Russia's Economy went down 28% due to Trump's sanctions.

The media would have you believe this man is controlled by Russia.


  • If it weren't for people like Reaper or PawNSTar on micsem forum, we Micronesians would be completely oblivious to these very important news. We are also grateful that we now know that due to the effects of the sanctions, Israeli women and children would be able to safely walk to and back through their neighborhoods without being indiscriminately bombed or shot at by angry evil Lucifer worshiping Syrians and Russians.

    This is truly a miracle!

  • Trump has no Greater friend than Trump. Because of him Saudi Arabia has now changed it's views of Israel and now agree with Israel Right to exist. Ain't that something. Shalom.
  • @PawnStar

    Your last post reads like Trump-worship.
  • @PawnStar

    Your last post reads like Trump-worship.
  • Dear lord protect oour God king emperor Trump! Hehehe
  • That's actually pretty funny.

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