Why does FSM Telecom not have roll over for the remaining bandwidth you have left on your 3G plan?

From a business perspective, a roll over plan would greatly assist any and all business interested in utilizing 3G for their services and business apps.

It is unfortunate FSM Telecom does not have the foresight to provide this type of service as well as new services to benefit their customers.


  • If you have a 5GB or 3GB plan, any unused bandwidth is rolled over to the following month's subscription instead of FSM Telecom wiping the slate. With roll ove, your leftover bandwidth from the previous month is rolled over so you don't lose out on what you actually paid for and you don't have to subscribe to the next month's plan unless you are out of bandwidth.

    This is basically for business or individuals who do not use bandwidth intensive applications and are paying for what they actually use at a lesser cost than paying for their 10 cents a megabyte.

    With the current system, FSM Telecom is basically throwing away what you paid for when the month is up therefore forcing you to pay for more bandwidth for the next month.

    Keep in mind, this only relates to the current 3G network and not ADSL.

  • It sounds like the rollover plan will benefit both the customers and FSMTC, because the customers will be happy and come back for more, putting more money in FSMTC's coffer.
  • Seems like FSMTC is really running like a small business where it is serving self interest of the few people that are benefiting from it.
  • That does seem to be the case ever since they raised the rates. In all honesty, I have spent less and less every year because it does not benefit me as well as my business.

    I wish there was another service provider who has a different mentality then what is the norm right now. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship and right now, it seems like our local telco is against the acceleration or growth of business in the FSM.

    What is stopping our service provider from providing all the services that are available in Guam, Asia, or the South Pacific? I mean if it is not their responsibility then who else is there?
  • What the FSM Congress needs to do is to fire the CEO and all the longtime FSMTC people at the headquarters. Then they should replace all the members of the board with new people. This needs to be done ASAP! or telecommunications in the FSM will never improve despite us being connected to submarine fiberoptic.

  • The "Sole Provider" provision of the law has been defeated... tick-tock... tick-tock.
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