Stop it!

Can you guys stop posting Trumps news in here? its a disgrace to this site.


  • The former Micronesia Forum is now the Trumpaganda Forum. Sad.
  • It's relevant news. Micronesia is tied to America economically. The stronger the US economy gets the better Micronesia is.
  • There is a lot of "relevant" news out there. I don't think it means we have to aggregate them all here. I normally would recommend folks just ignore what they don't find relevant but, considering forums are meant as a place for exchange, I don't see the point is using it as a place to update everyone on something no one asked to be kept abreast of. The threads that might generate discussion, sure, but the ones that are just reposts of news articles? Why post those in a "forum"?
  • The Zionist scumbag spies posing as Mormon missionaries who can already speak, write, and read our languages are the ones behind this. What they are doing is to herd us like cattle towards Facebook where they can easily manipulate general sentiment using what they call "Troll Farms". This is how they manipulated the US Presidential elections and blamed it on Russia.
  • Notice they are always sending American Mormon missionaries here, despite the fact that there are members worldwide in many countries. They are also meddling in our Government Education school systems, blatantly violating the separation of Church and State. They do this by imposing themselves on our Governments through generous donations.

    Unlike the Seventh Day Adventist Church which built schools throughout Micronesia starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Mormon church has not built any schools here. Instead they try to meddle in our Government's public school systems which has already caused lots of problems.

    They Seventh Day Adventist Church also setup dental and health clinics throughout Micronesia. The Mormons however, again want to impose their cult-like church on our Governments Health services using gifts.

    If they want to help Health and Education in Micronesia, why don't they setup their own schools and clinics?

    And why do Mormon missionaries always travel to Guam every month to submit their reports there? Why not just email or send it in the mail? Almost seems like they are not able to send through the regular internet due to policies that all TOP SECRET reports are to be encrypted and cannot be send via regular internet. They can only use JWICS and the other secured US Global communications network which is not part of the internet.

  • @Coconuts

    The Mormons are using JWICS? You're exaggerating to make a point and not being serious, right? I mean... JWICS? Surely, you're joking, right?
  • This Forum sucks now and needs to be closed. It is no longer what it used to be. My last visit here as so long ago, I had hoped that things would improve. Unfortunately it has worsen. I quit!!!!!!!!!
  • listen up spammers...., there is little relevance to US news in here. It is already publicized bigger in CNN and other major news, when a FSMer wants news of trump and or WH, they go to bing or google or cnn. I agree tat this forum lost lots of interest from spammers..
  • We should discuss more about our Micronesian ways of life.Cultures,History,&Traditions.Leave politics out of this forum.
  • I think local politics threads are completely appropriate in this forum.
  • Sensible and honest to goodness political info
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    I get the point of the OP. This forum used to be pretty balanced across the board between religion, general discussion, and other junk. Now? This forum is riddled with threads from folks who think it is their responsibility to give us the play-by-play with this presidency. I don't think anyone who isn't in politics as a career is interested in ANY presidents day-to-day junk. A few posts here and there? Maybe, but this is getting RIDICULOUS... and, NO, this wasn't a liberal leaning forum before hand either so there isn't any ground won in that imaginary battle.

    I think what is more discouraging is the fact that, despite the numerous complaints and obvious drop in participation, these individuals persist. I can't understand what drives such behavior. I guess here is where someone will post that "we" are just salty about losing the election like there is such an all encompassing description. Folks tout their "freedom of speech" but that doesn't make it decent behavior. Freedom of speech gives the atheists the right to speak their belief, or lack thereof, but it doesn't encourage them to do so in a church, synagogue, or mosque while the believers are worshiping. I believe that behavior is more aptly described as "Trolling" and not the exercise of free speech/expression.
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