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Trump just signed into law a anti sex-trafficking act. It's to fight online trafficking of underage girls and women for sex/Prostitution.

It's a great but liberals are mad at Trump for signing the law. According to liberal motherboard newspaper: " The controversial Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was framed as anti-trafficking, but it’s already harming consensual sex workers.

Consensual Sex Workers are those females and males who prostitute themselves online for sex for money knowingly that prostitution is illegal.

According to liberals the law is discriminatory against "Sex Workers" aka Prostitutes. Instead of celebrating that it will be harder for for criminals to use underage girls for online sex trade liberals are mad at the law for no other reason but because Trump signed it.

Read this article from motherboard and see how the liberal mind work. How liberals are now FIGHTING for the rights of criminals to traffic girls online for prostitution.


  • They will try to implement the same shit here in micronesia too. The consensual Sex Workers in micronesia have a right to prostitution. Liberalism is a mental Disorder.
  • What is consensual Sex Workers? Legal prostitutes? Is prostitution legal in America? Can any Liberals answer this
  • Isn't it legal in Nevada?
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    Those are licensed brothels, this law is about combating online sex trafficking. Like which advertised women for sex.

    Here is a article regarding this law and its target.
  • @PawnStar

    I disagree with you on "liberals" and sex workers. Liberals aren't the ones pushing religiously backed agendas- aside from freedom of religion and the separation of church and state.
  • @Reaper

    I don't understand how "is prostitution legal" a specifically liberal person question, but since you asked, there are no federal statutes prohibiting prostitution. Those laws are left to the states and, to my knowledge, Nevada is the only state where it is legal but there might be more.
  • What is sex workers and why do liberals say this law will be bad on them.
  • @PawnStar

    Sex Worker, I imagine, are those conducting legal prostitution. LEGAL. Why "liberals" disagree with the law? I haven't a clue. I haven't read the details on the law. Is it harming consensual sex workers? I don't know that either, but it appears that seems to be the friction point. Is the spirit of the law noble? Of course. Are there imperfections in the law? I don't know but it is possible. The delusion here is that, regardless of the details of a law, if it is labeled as something noble, like ending sex trafficking, the details are irrelevant.

    Your repeated referrals to "... liberalism is a mental disorder" is pretty insulting and I'm sure that is exactly your intent- to insult those you disagree with. Rather than accept that there may be other views on topics in the world you insist anything that does not line up with your world view as "diseased" and "less than". You were a soldier, correct? Now consider your view on those who disagree and tell me how you are any different than what the military is fighting? Isn't the intolerance of fundamentalist islam the true enemy here? Look at you... looking more and more like your enemy every day.
  • It is a mental Disorder. Calling it for what it is is not intolerance. It's speaking the truth. Come on man, when you see a sick or crazy person you get them help.
  • According to The American Journal of Political Science Liberals is a mental Disorder.
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    Before the renaissance, those who leaned towards science were considered heretics. I'm sure if you look, you will find publications backing that assertion. I'm sure the scientists of the day would have fervently disagreed with the idea that they were spiritually bereft and morally wanting and yet the stigma persisted.

    It's all meaningless if your source is one who is thoroughly rooted in your world view. It's akin to asking the Holy Roman Catholic church of the renaissance to comment on the validity of scientific efforts and scientists of the day. I wonder if anyone would have been surprised by what that response would have been. By the way, read your source material a little more closely and try not to draw conclusions that are not there.

    I submit that the assertion that those who oppose or differ from your world view are suffering from a mental disorder smells of a certain amount of political narcissism. It gives the impression that, if it's not what I subscribe to, then it must be wrong and disregards the idea that different segments of the population will believe in political ideas because they believe in different social, religious, and political ideologies. One informs the other. To imply one is insane because they are a product of a different set of beliefs is, in my honest opinion, the clearest indication of intolerance.

    I will concede that this is not an observation reserved for the right side of the aisle but apparent in some factions on both sides of the aisle.
  • It seems like you are implying that liberals are the ones who leaned towards Science. Fact those in the era you were talking about were not liberals. If liberals are the ones for science why in the world do they disagree with biological science on 2 GENDERS? They believe there are more than 2 GENDERS in fact they believe gender Is not biologically based but rather believe that gender is fluid. If Liberals are for science why the hell are the one bushing the anti vaccine movement? The anti vaccine movement believe that the vaccines don't cure disease but spread it.

    If you want to see intolerance look at what liberals are doing right now in America. They are the ones using violence to shut down those who don't agree with them. Boycotting a female Conservative just because she said that D.Hogg wasn't accepted to another college. They are in fact trying to ruin livelihood.

    Banning Conservatives from speaking at colleges. And when those Conservatives to speak they riot and and try to shut them down. It's happening in Berkeley University as we speak. ANTIFA which is a liberal organization have stated that they are willing to use violence to shut down Conservatives.

    The shootings in Florida, well they blame a Conservative organization for it. But the organization they blame was not involved with it Cruz when he shoot up that high school. There are now colleges courses that teach students that Christians and Christianity is bad. Liberals have brainwashing kids in school. My 14 year old nephew who's in the 8 grade told me his teacher said that the US Parties have switched platforms. This is a lie yet his teacher is teaching him that it's real.

    Liberalism is a mental disease. I disagree with liberals but I have never tried to get them banned from this site like the liberals in here who tried getting me banned. I've never been physically aggressive with any liberals. But they have with me. Only because I disagreed with them.

    Why would micronesians even think about being liberals? Liberalism is against everything micronesian culture stand for.
  • Hmm...

    See your posts throughout this forum. Make note of how you characterize anyone who opposes your world view and answer the question of intolerance for yourself.

    The liberals you characterize in your post are, indeed, examples of intolerance. I don't disagree but, saying your approach is different is confusing. Far left zealots characterize the right as "less than human". I'm not defending them. Their view is an example of intolerance. Now compare that to your assertion that liberals are afflicted with a mental disorder and explain how you are different. To boot, pointing out examples of those who are far left does not quantify your assertion that ALL left leaning people are the same. The truth is both sides are riddled with examples of people who are dug in and refuse to tolerate the slightest idea of compromise.

    Why would Micronesians even think about being liberal? I don't know (I don't know that they are) but I do know it's not my place to think for them. It isn't my place to deem their beliefs as acceptable or not. Apparently you feel like it is your place to do so especially if they believe something counter to your view. Would you be questioning their beliefs if they were die hard conservatives or would they suddenly become acceptable in your eyes?

    Your nephew was taught what is accepted as fact by those who have studied the history of the American political landscape. I find it very hard to believe you are more qualified than the egg-heads who put together the curriculum. No offense. I'm sure there are things you are good at. For all I know, you might actually have an advanced degree in political history... do you?
  • @PawnStar

    I don't think people are trying to get you banned for your beliefs. I don't think so, anyway. If anything it's the persistence with divisive language, inflammatory, derisive view of anything that is not inline with your view. I give you this, you have had moments of seemingly civil approach to discourse, but, I must say, if there were anything that drives an outcry for your ban, it's not your message but, rather, how you choose to deliver it. Sometimes the delivery of a message drowns out the message itself.
  • "I actually believe he's morally unfit to be president," Comey told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview Friday at his home in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington. He called that characterization appropriate for "someone who is able to see moral equivalence in (white nationalist protests in) Charlottesville or to speak and treat women like they're pieces of meat and to lie constantly and who appears to lack an external moral framework" of religion or philosophy or history.

    In an even more explosive comment, Comey said it would be less than honest to rule out the possibility that Trump had been compromised by one of the United States' primary foreign adversaries.

    "It's hard to explain some things without at least leaving your mind open to that being a possibility," said Comey, who has served three presidents in senior posts. "There's a non-zero possibility that the Russians have some, some sway over him that is rooted in his personal experience, and I don't know whether that's the business about the activity in a Moscow hotel room or finances or something else."
  • Xectms, Liberalism is a mental Disorder. O should know I once suffered from it then I was cured.

    As for Comey, " Hoover is now rolling in his grave because it's fired director is making money off his firing" this is a quote from one of James Comeys sources whom he used to wrote his book. Just a vindictive man who is mad for getting fired. Fired because he as turned out was behind the leaks to the press when he was FBI director.
  • They call themselves progressives but they are far more intolerant of other views if it does not go hand in hand with their progressive agenda.

    Pew: Liberals ‘Far More’ Intolerant of Opposite-Party Friends Than Conservatives, Moderates
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    Your interpretation as to the reference to pre-renaissance scientists was not even close. You completely missed the analogy. You are so stuck in this lef vs right battle that you drew lines to it that were never there. Its a shame, really.

    Your citation above:

    ... and yet you are the only one posting this divisive material, name calling, repeatedly identifying opposition as diseased, less than acceptable, etc. Your source may say one thing, but look closely at those who post here, their selection of language and demeanor, then compare it to your own. Conservatives have a right to their point of view. This is an accepted fact in this forum. You are the one pointing out anyone who opposes your view as diseased.

    Continue to post your sources. I'm sure, in some way, you feel they absolve you of your hateful rhetoric, closed mindedness, and repeated characterization of others as something less than you are. That is the point, right? That you ARE better because you hold to a certain belief set and anyone else is diseased? Sounds very ISIS-esque to me but I digress.

    The website is called "" not "". Show the members of this forum a modicum of respect and move your posts to a forum that was stood up for that purpose and allow these nice people to engage in topics that are Micronesia-specific (ie.: I highly doubt the common citizen here knows who Comey is gives 2 cents what his opinion is). A dab less hubris would be nice also. Stop assuming you are the one who is anointed to rescue the so-called "mentally diseased" or that you are in any way qualified to make such a judgement on a large subset of the population.

  • When micronesia becomes a Socialist state and ban free speech which the FSM Constitution guarantee then I'll stop. Unicorn will fly and shoot rainbow out their a**es when that happens. It's a free forum period. Get that in your liberal head my POG friend.
  • Ahhh, so you don't like the flavor of your own medicine. I'll make note of that.

    I'm sure you're right. All the complaints in here about your vulgar, rude attempts at discourse are because I'm a liberal POG and you're a "Federal Employee (Hero)". I feel sorry for you, actually... a slave to the system he defends and doesn't even have a clue.
  • I forgot to mention: YES, trolling is an example of free speech, and, YES, I will be trolling you for the foreseeable future. Why? Freedom of Speech, my zealous, uncompromising friend.
  • @PawnStar

    Posting your stuff on more appropriate forums is not a ban on "free speech". It's appropriate behavior. If you think it would be appropriate to inundate a cooking forum with this stuff then this post is obviously a lost cause. My point is, this forum is for things that affect Micronesia directly. You insisting on ignoring the members to curb your posts to relevant material is selfish. I mean, what's the problem? You can't find a forum that is geared towards stateside politics or is it that you get some kind of weird satisfaction from annoying folks in here?
  • I thought you were deleting your account? What happened?
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    I can't.. that's the point of that other post. When you have nothing better to do... this is the result. No, I'm not proud of it.

    I realize you have absolutely no reason to help me, but if you could get someone to delete it for me, I would be grateful.
  • A network engineer Don't know how to delete his own account. What kind of system engineer are you?
  • @PawnStar

    LOL... apparently a not very good one, right? Seriously though, there are no options to delete ones own account and doing by other means... well... it's just not that important.
  • @PawnStar

    My specialty was network development, deployment, and stabilization. I also worked heavily in voice, security, and efficiency. There are literally thousands of other specialized skillsets in the industry. Do you know how to disarm a nuke? No? I guess you're a pretty sorry excuse for law enforcement. That's the equivalent of what you just replied with.

    Why do you hate liberals so much? Someone/something happen to you? I have seen your posts from years past and your posts now read like a completely different person. What is it? Hate your job, maybe? Hate being a Micronesian in Guam, perhaps? I don't know what it is, really, but dude... get HELP.
  • A network engineer Don't know how to delete his own account. What kind of system engineer are you?

    Appearntly this comment constitute for hating liberals. I don't hate liberals, I pity them. I want to help them recover from mental illness.
  • The reference to hating liberals has nothing to do with your network engineer statements. It's weird that you actually drew a line there. It's confusing actually.

    The reference to liberal hating... does that really have to be clarified here? Can't you see? It's the singular unifying theme of almost all your posts. Your repeated mental illness references, which are grossly hypocritical considering you cited an article that identifies conservatives as suffering from a mental illness as well- neuroticism, your choice of language in replies, your obvious disdain for any opposing view, man I could go on and on... that's the where the "hate" reference comes from. Was that really that difficult to figure out?
  • The reference to hating liberals has nothing to do with your network engineer statements. It's weird that you actually drew a line there. It's confusing actually.

    The reference to liberal hating... does that really have to be clarified here? Can't you see? It's the singular unifying theme of almost all your posts. Your repeated mental illness references, which are grossly hypocritical considering you cited an article that identifies conservatives as suffering from a mental illness as well- neuroticism, your choice of language in replies, your obvious disdain for any opposing view, man I could go on and on... that's the where the "hate" reference comes from. Was that really that difficult to figure out?
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