Is the future of $130,00 representation fund per Congressman being proposed?

This is a rumor tricking down to Kolonia from Palikir. Any credibility to this rumor? Can anybody in the know share? Thanks. Just curious.


  • Mark, don't you need a "0" somewhere in the amount, like after the last two zeros? Or is this the new exchange rate in Palikir? So you guys still want Chuuk to remain in your Federation while you are thinking of raising your representation fund?
  • Taxi, yes, I meant to write $130,000. It's a big money given the number of officials to receive it just before the upcoming election. While I don't make judgement on officials' decisions, I wish some of it could, instead, be added to the Trust Fund or given to the states that are in need of funds to pay for teachers, health care workers, roads upgrades, etc. Can the FSM PIO provide an update? Just some thoughts.
  • I hope this a joke.
  • joke or no joke, if Congress wants this, it will pass. The low information voters will follow the lead of these swamp guardians and leaders (congress) and It will take an earth smashing sunami (push back) by the general public to make some ripples in the swamp.
  • this is old ppl come in here and make small noises...go to the streets of Palikir and do a protest instead...this forum is not taken seriously anymore
  • Same style took place at the RMI just last year, from president to sanetors, each increased salary up to $$1500 each sanetor and even more to the upper ups!..this is a pattern that can be seen, every time RMI make a move, alaways!, never missed, the FSM will follow at the same sequence, same fucken idea!.. something is going on ! for real!!, them politican man have becom mobster like attitude and actions and itr clear by them being lawlessly corrupting the law of the land, the constitution?..and they think they the smartest ppl on earth they can fool the human race?.. Foools!!
  • Taxi, if this is true, I see more reasons why the federation needs to split up. You and your cohorts are right: the national government's rape of our future will not stop.
  • $130k is not enough, they should increase it to $1 million each. Party like rock stars!
  • When is enough not enough?
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    Let us work together to find remedies or ways to stop the corrupt activities in the congress....
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