Promised Kept: Trump Administration Cut Funding To Planned Parenthood


Planned parenthood started of as eugenics, the policy of controlling the colored races or minority people of America. Basically killing babies of colored folks.

15,000,000 babies have been killed by planned parenthood through abortions. Sad part is that the democrats got the US taxpayers to pay for this holocaust. Not anymore.

Trump promised during the campaign season that if he got elected he will defund planned parenthood of government fundings. I'm happy to announce to you all that Trump has did what he promised.

This week, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a new regulation that will cut off $50 million in taxpayer money to the organization -- although Planned Parenthood will still haul in nearly half a billion dollars.

"Section 1008 of the Act contains the following prohibition, which has not been altered since it was enacted in 1970: None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning," says the rule.


  • Great great news.
  • Yet guns that kill so many non aborted children are perfectly ok with backwards ass clown states.
  • sad to know that Trump's view of FP is so narrow that his actions are foolish or should I say stupid. The program is invaluable and provided so much more than just controlling pregnancies, i.e. STIs screening and treatments. There are numerous services provided by this program locally and it is such a shame to hear this news.
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    I thought it was illegal for funding abortion?
  • Err, if people could just research the history of planned parenthood they would have a different view. 20,000,000 dead babies killed by planned parenthood is invaluable?

    Redsnapper, thats the stupidest counter argument ive ever heard.

    Anunaki, yes its illegal to fund abortion under US laws. But it does.

  • Reefer, and what does the constitution say about its legality? Ass clown.
  • Red snapper smoke some reefer and chill. For the next 6 years Trump will be in the Whitehouse.
  • Obstruction of justice coming
  • Orange monkey verbal diarrhea will soon end. If innocent then don’t bash your DOJ. your FBI. Only scared and guilty fucks use that tactic.
  • If trump is going to be in WH during the next six years period? it a good thing or not? and why?
  • It’s a bad thing. Stupid should not lead.
  • over 60% of US citizens agree with you and hundreds of millions around the world including myself agree on that short statement..yup!
  • Trump ran on the platform of putting America first, taking care of his country firsr before others, being tough of chain migration and illegal migration, building up his country's military. That resonate with Americans a d thats why they voted for him.

    Conservatives are still the majority in America and that 60% of US citizens disagree with him is pure rubbish. 97% of American conservatives agree with his job performance and thats all that matters. Where millions disagree with him a billion agree with him since conservatism is the majority worldwide.

    I think he will win again in 2020. The left is too disorganised right now in America. And their message is being abandoned by american mellenials.
  • Its easy to understand why he attack the fbi and doj. Because recent release evidences shows that the last administration of the popolo President politicized the doj and fbi to a point where these 2 entities of the government attacked the same system both sowre to upheld. And Trump said its only a few rotten apples at the doj and fbi betrayed the trust of the American people.
  • No president ever attack his own government beside this very stupid President Trump, That's why he is not supposed to lead, he is got no experience, he is weak, and he is stupid, plain and simple.. btw, the FBI had to do something to counter intellect the Russian form meddling the election and to not the spy on his campaign? FBI no better and trump is just being ignorance.
  • Criticizing the few rotten apples is not attacking. The weak guy Trump just finished off ISIS in one year. Obama couldn't do that in 6 years. Bombed the hell out of Syria to enforce obamas own red line which obama was afraid to do. Got North korea to pledge to denuclearize and reaffirm that pledge yesterday. Got The slackers in NATO to pay their fair share of the funding of NATO. Bombed and killed 300 russians in Syria a month ago. The economy is at a all time high, close to 3 million jobs created under him. And today oil prices went low. And rebuilding the nuclear weapons of America.

    With each new day we are learning of the obama administration politicizing the doj and fbi to a point where both institutions lean democrats. And with each new day more and more american do not trust the russian interference rubbish.
  • Reaper, your argument of 20 million abortions does not apply to is illegal. so for our own benefit, we should not be penalized for something we do not do.....we should have ben still 100% funded
  • So 20 million babies being killed does not matter because its not happening here. Same tone the world said back during world war 2 when hitler was killing Jews because it was not happening in their countries. Cotcha.
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