Sometime just last month, borrowing some ideas from an on-line article about the proposed Trump-Kim Jong Un peace summit, I wrote an article on this web-page about the potential financial investment implications of the peace process.

This morning, there was newflash on CNN that President Trump had rescheduled indefinitely the summit previously scheduled for June 12 of this year.

This afternoon, in the South Korean City of Seoul, I and a couple of Chuukese officials had lunch with some South Korean bridge engineers and financial consultants. One of the consultants, a senior age gentleman, filling our small glasses of rice wine and asked me in polite whisper:

He: Do you know that there is supposed to be a peace summit between US President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un?

I said, Yes.

He: Do you know that President Trump has cancelled the summit? Do you think American is going to attack North Korea? (He was serious in his question).

I said NO, I don't think so.

He said Why do you say that?

I said because Americans have a constitution that does not allow a President to just go around attacking anybody without any reason, especially if there is likelihood of a nuclear response/exchange.. (I tired to think of how to differentiate why Geroge W. attacked Iraq without provocation and why Trump has no reason to attack North Korea).

But he calmed down, probably a little bit reassured, and he pointed to the wine. You see the wine, from China. Then pointed to the exotic fruits and said "these fruits are from Thailand." Then he pointed to the shrimps and said they are from the Philippines. Then he said, we all need each other. I hope there is not going to be war.

He looked to me again: What do you think about the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. (He did not call Kim Jong Un president or anything, just like referred to him unofficially like a former high school classmate).

I said, I want it happen. We need the peace.

He said: YES we do. (I wonder how many people like him on the Korean Peninsula actually believed there could be war if Trump and Kim Jong Un don't get together for a peace summit. Or is that the right question).


  • You never know with someone as unpredictable as Trump. Yesterday he said that the US Military is ready if diplomacy fails.
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    The diplomatic route is still being taken by both the US and North korea.

    North Korea on Thursday issued a statement and said it still wanted to resolve issues with the United States, the state-run news agency KCNA reported.
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