Islander's Rights

Why Vote For A Woman President If The Only Thing She Cares About Is Money ,Power ? What about her people that are suffering right now?


  • Back in the states they call it progress.
  • Which woman president? What country are you talking about?

    Why vote for a man president if the only thing he cares about is money, power ?
  • A woman president who u voted for to run your Island but don't care for her own kind who are struggling with life and having all kinds of different nationalities running there own businesses on the island.
  • @Coraleel Madam president Hilda Heine of Marshall Island?
  • This is a by product of a nepotism system, she is a avid traveler and every times she goes off Islands on a trip one of her cousins will take over the presidency and the merry go round and round and round. No improvement therefore people are eager to move out of the country
  • It's really sad that nothing can be done for the people to survive in their own island but yet you go all over the world just to collect money and be proud for what just to live your life style while the island is on jeaperdy. And then you fly to Palau to see how they can survive and deal with all the problems that they have and still take care of their own people. SAD LIFE IN YOU'RE ISLAND.
  • That's why so many COFA citizens are fleeing to the U.S. now while the no-visa, Compact lifeline is still valid.
  • Hopefully this will change on the next Election.Vote for Somebody Who Cares.

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