• The Senate intelligence Committee found no evidence of collusion. The NSA found nothing and Mueller will nothing. Safe to say Trump will leave the Whitehouse in 2024.
  • The mole the FBI put inside the Trump campaign to spy has been identified. His name is S.Halper. To spy on american citizen within Soil is illegal. The FBI broke its own regulation in doing this. Its against the domestic investigations and operations guide rule. We use this same guide in my agency and for them to break it is a big no no.
  • The oversight committee had a closed meeting with the DOJ and and its ranking member made a statement saying that the FBI-Mueller investigations is not investigating Trump. It clarify and repeated what James Comey said months ago. And that is Trump is not being investigated.

    To top it off, the man who appointed Muller to the investigations, the deputy attorney general also made it clear during the meeting that Trump is not the target of the investigations. Cry eyes out my democrat friends.
  • I see we got 2 trumpettes with better information than most people have. So why did you fire coney mr. President? Because of the Russia investigation thing. Once he said that, your orange sphincter sealed his obstruction of justice fate. Once his baboon lawyer said the president knew about the payments to stormy Daniels, your orange monkey sealed his campaign fraud indictment. Liars eventually expose themselves. Your dotard is going to prison or I see Mueller offering trump resign in exchange for criminal prosecution.
  • Again look up the mandate red it does not involve obstruction of justice. Under US laws the president can't be indicted. Too much fake news got your hopes up. 2024 is the year TRUMP leaves the Whitehouse. 6 more years to go.
  • Then he’s above the law? He can commit a crime and not be charged? Put your joint down orange sphincter fan.
  • Sadly he will get reelected. Thats where its headed. I believe Trump is behind all the leakes coming from the Whitehouse. This is a man who knows how to manipulate the media to get attention. He is been doing this for 25 years. The ironic part is all these negative press about him will get him reelected again. He did the same thing 2016. There is a reason they call him the Teflon Don. Because nothing stick. He is using all these negative coverage to his advantage.
  • Here is what he had to say about the media in his book the art of the deal.

    "One thing I’ve learned about the press is that they’re always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational the better," he wrote in The Art of the Deal in 1987. "If you are a little different, or a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you."

    With Trump there is no such thing as bad press. He was doing a bad job at raising money for his party. But he said with all the free press he will get he and the republicans won't need to raise money. And he was right. Hillary spend 10 dollars for every tv ad during the elections for every 1 dollar Trump was spending for free ads.

    He is whining about all these negative press and stories about him but thats his strategy. He Leak stories from the Whitehouse, the media runs with it give him free press, he fake whines about it and unite his base and shows the people that the media is biased. Thats his entire strategy and its working. Sadly the media and democrats don't see it. If they keep on doing this the republicans will keep its control over the Senate, if they keep doing this he will get reelected.
  • He hasn't committed any crime. He is not being investigated. The house oversight committee confirmed this after meeting with the DOJ. Comey or any FBI Director serve at the pleasure of the President. He can fire them if he does not like type shoes they wear.
  • At ironyouth, you woke?
  • Two misguided under educated orange baboon butt head and micro red necks.
  • Remember when Trump said he wouldn't have time to golf as president?

  • Remember when Obama said he would bring the troops home from both iraq and Afghanistan? He made that a campaign promise. Did he delivere on that? NO! in fact he enlarged the wars he promised to end and got the US involved in the wars in Syria and Libya.

    There are 6 more years of Trumps Presidency he will visit the troops on his own time.
  • Redsnapper, I'm a registered democrat. Supported Bernie in the last election. Didn't vote for Hillary because she is a crook. Always was. If the economy keeps getting better under Trump people are going to vote him. I don't agree with everything with Trump but i agree with him on immigration and a border wall.
  • Fact of matter is, Trump is taking credit where he dose not belong, the economy doing well because of Obama Administration, this is a work of a man who has heart for human race .. he is the champion of the health care for all American and foreigners, he is the champion of the economy but Trump rather taking credit for whatever reason he has in mind?..
  • @Visafree, L-O-L is the only answer for that comment you made. Under that notion any national debt increases by Trumps is also credited to Obama. : l
  • You reap what you sow, in this case trump in reaping what Obama sow, not right! but corked action prevail sometimes, so the national debt increased by trump you mentioned belong to Trump, period!
  • @Visafree, but didn't liberal experts say jobs and economy would all go down under Trump? Under 2 years and 3,000,000 jobs created. It took obama 6 years to create 6 million jobs. It took Trump only 2 years to rack up 3 million jobs. 6 more years to go and millions of more jobs to come.
  • More Democrats Think Trump Responsible for State of Economy
    April 11, 2018 2:19 PM

    A majority of Democrats thinks the current state of the economy is thanks to President Trump, rather than former president Obama.

    Approximately 46 percent of Democrats say Trump is responsible for today’s economy, beating out the 43 percent who say it is due to Obama, according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Overall, only 34 percent of those surveyed gave credit for the economy to Obama, while 54 percent credited Trump.

    The numbers are notable since most economists agree the economy is booming, and Democrats are not usually eager to give credit to Trump. The stock market has risen over the past year and unemployment has been slashed to 4.1 percent, its lowest level since December 2000.
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