Trumps Economy: 223,000 Jobs Added in May 2018, Unemployment Down To 3.8%


BIGLY Great news! 138,000 was the expected number of jobs predicted to be added to the US economy in may of 2018. But that mold was broken and 223,000 jobs were added. Also the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8% from last months 3.9%. The jobless rate for African-Americans fell to 5.9 percent, the lowest on record.

The left-democrats said the economy would all dank and go down under Trump but as we can see its all been going up since he entered the Whitehouse.

Economy is ⬆
Jobs are ⬆
Unemployment is ⬇
MAGA all around!


  • Trade wars are up, Dow slips and gas prices still rising. Investigations are steady and your monkeys sphincter, orange skin remains unchanged.
  • Even with a trade war the economy is ⬆ jobs are ⬆ and Unemployment is ⬇. Again Mr.MAGA proves the left wrong.

    By the way oil prices are down even in the mids of a trade war.
  • And how much has Mexico paid towards the wall?
  • 223,000 Stormy jobs. 3.8% unemployment. Lowest in 50 stormy years.
  • Its going to be hard to convince voters to vote democrats when the republicans are doing a great job with the economy. The democrats are shaking in their boots now.

    "The May jobs report is great news for everyone — except Democrats running for office"
  • Really stormy news we have here. MAGA!
  • @red snapper, tarrifs! By placing tarrifs on Mexico like Trump is thinking about doing he will get mexico to fund the wall through that tarrifs. Mexico has to pay taxes and duty on its goods that are on tarrif. Those tarrifs alone are enough to pay for the wall being build 5 TIMES OVER!
  • I understand letter from NK leader was large with crayon drawings so orange sphincter can have fun reading in 3rd grade level.
  • No one has seen Melania in 3 weeks. She ran off with Mexican lawn boy.
  • Let’s not forget another campaign promise fulfilled by orange sphincter. The very respected and symbol of America conservatism Ms Kardashian had a historic meeting at the White House with another reality tv personality. Historic stuff.
  • Conservatives so proud the a porn star on YouTube was invited inside the Oval Office. The very sacred center of Conservativism. Pussy grabber meets another role model of the conservatives.
  • Who cares about mallania right. She does not make policies her husband Trump does. Lol. You read and watch to much gossip news. Trump slapped mexico with 10% aluminum tarrifs and 25% steel tarrifs. From these tarrifs he can build that beautiful wall 10 times over from duties from those tarrifs he slapped mexico with.
  • The wall is already being build in some parts of California. Little by little he will get his wall. Now with those tarrifs on Mexico surely it will get build with Mexico paying for it.
  • Yeah but orange sphincter said he didn’t know about stormy payments
  • You’ve hooked your trailer to a pathological liar who will be charged with obstruction of justice. Your monkey is getting real scared now saying he had power to pardon himself. Looks like, walks like and acts like a guilty as hell ass clown.
  • The President can pardon himself. Any President have the authority to do so. He could have done that on day one but he didn't. Why? He did not collude with Russia nor did he obstruct justice.

    As for Stormy. Well you know more than everyone. I'm surprise that you haven't apply to work for Mueller on this investigation since you know the details and all. But who would hire a dumb ass like you red snapper.
  • Lol. No more than anyone. Listen ass clown. On Air Force one he said he didn’t know about the payment, ask Michael Cohen. Then his lawyer on national tv, said the president knew about it. Stories getting confused is what happens when there are too many liars talking. Ass clown.
  • Orange sphincter said only the mob takes the 5th. Now he has his lawyers all encouraging he take the 5th and now sphincter himself is talking about powers that would make it okay to commit a crime because he is the president. You know that’s not right and would trigger immediate impeachment process. Your orange monkey is going down. Obstruction of justice, campaign fraud, Russian collusion. Hell forget all that and impeach him for being an ass clown single handed making America stupid again.
  • @redsnapper, keep on dreaming buddy. Again read the mandate which the justice department and house oversight committee both of which said the same thing. The President/Trump is not under investigations. <

    6 days ago.

    "The oversight committee chairman said both Wray and Rosenstein made it clear that Trump has never been the target of the investigation."
  • edited June 2018
    @FactsMatters, as of today 3,000,000 jobs have been greater under Trump. The man who your party said would destroy the economy and will destroy jobs in the US.

    Nice meme but here are the facts.

    Wages, Obama Economy's Weakest Link, Now Surging Under Trump
    A new survey out by the National Association of Business Economics finds that companies are starting to boost pay for their workers in order to attract and keep productive, skilled employees in a tighter labor market.

    That adds to mounting anecdotal evidence of a wave of pay raises, bonuses and new investments by major corporations fueled by the passage of Trump's tax cuts in December — evidence of a surge in economic growth.

    Pay gains during Trump's first year in office best since the Great Recession
  • When reality hits a liberal square in the face they resort to insults. Thats all they get when they know the collusion is bs, TRUMP is doing far a better job with the economy than Obama, the wall is getting build, Mexico will pay for the wall because of the tarrifs placed on Mexico by Trump, and Trump will win again in 2020. When all hopes fade away insults is the last resort.
  • Yes, like little Marco, McCain the prisoner, crooked Hillary. You hypocrite fool for saying I’m making insults and then praising the insulter in chief. Just as a thought, like most so called conservatives and Christian republican, all hypocrites and your monkey ass sphincter is like you.
  • I don't praise his insults never did. I am only praising his job performance. Nearly half of his campaign promises have been fulfilled. Jobs up, economy up, defunded planned parenthood, lower illegal crossings, his wall is being build, Mexico will pay for it through tarrifs, recognize Jerusalem and relocated embassy to it, enforcing the US LAW to relocate it, pull out of paris agreement, got NATO countries to pay their share, decreased funding to UN, unemployment down to 3.9%, black unemployment all time low, more jobs than there are unemployed people in the US, destroyed ISIS, rebuilding military, nominated and got a conservative to the supreme court, defer trangender bathroom issue to states not federal government, decreasing federal government, putting Russia's European ambitions on check, got rid of obamacare individual mandate, got his strict vetting enforced, and flushing obamas legacy down the pooper. Many more to come.
  • Reaper, Reaper, you are boning your iwn sister now? You are a sicko man!!
  • @Nipwus/I don't agree with Reaper's views myself.But throwing childish remarks bringing his mother&sis to the discussion isn't the way I would go about.Debates doesn't work like that.Try to reason properly.
  • @Nipwus, is that how they get down in Chuuk? Waiooo my pwipwi thats not good. @MrNobody905, don't mind Nipwus he is clearly having a panic attack.
  • Thats how they do it in Chuuk. Couple years ago a couple of Chuukese girls made the news. They were sex workers in the blue house case that made headlines. It turned out it was their own uncle that recruited them to work in that bar.

    Nine women were forced into prostitution at the Blue House lounge, and each of them has a story.

    Blue House was a brothel that masqueraded as a karaoke lounge in Tamuning for four years. The brothel was shut down by a police raid in 2008, but the local court case — which now includes allegations against three police officers — continues today.

    On the night of the police raid, some of the Blue House victims gave written statements to officers at the Tumon precinct. Later, other victims gave longer statements, which were folded into the Blue House case in the District Court of Guam.

    Some of those statements describe how the women were lured from Chuuk. Others talk about how it took the women a few nights to realize what the Blue House lounge really was. Most of the statements explain that the women were trapped and powerless.

    “And I did it because they forced me,” wrote one victim, who was 21 when she began to work at the Blue House lounge. “… I also did it feeling painfully and tortured. (The Blue House owner) said that I cannot run away because she would call the police. Then I myself have sexual intercourse with 12 men in the (VIP) room. Then I kept on crying because they said I can’t go see my relative’s home.”

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