"Polynesian" stick charts?

So I came across this blog for what appears to be a misidentification of the Marshallese stick chart.Clearly this person hasn't done proper research,is of western decent,or just another fellow islander trying to claim things that isn't theirs.Minor mistake perhaps? Any thoughts?

Most if not all polys used celestial navigation and nature but for a device Idk.At least that's what I've researched and told by some friends of mine overseas.



  • Marshallese certainly used navigational stick charts, primarily for teaching purposes.

    I have never heard that Polynesians used stick charts. Did they?
  • @Factsmatter couldn't find a legitimate source on the web to confirm this.The accepted assumption is that most Polys traveled using nature and celestial navigation or known as star compasses.Each with their own techniques and meaning.Sadly they've lost their way.

    Marshallese stick chart is well known today because our Chiefs then accepted and shared the knowledge.Wasn't easy at first.However in ancient times before the white men came never in Marshallese oral tradition states that we gave or taught Polynesian this sacred art.We traded with them once but either with food or supplies and nothing else.
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