Obstruction Of Justice Narrative Destroyed: Deputy Attorney General Recommended Comeys Firing



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  • The democrats have lost their mind. They are now living in a alternative reality. They still can't get over 2016.
  • Pantywaist, why do you continue to try to contradict me when all you do is confirm what I am saying? Are you really that stupid?

    Every article you reference in your first nonsense compilation confirms that Der Furhrer Herr Drumpf (a.k.a. Orange Orangutan) is a subject of the two Mueller investigations. I never said you were not correct when you said Herr Drumpf was not a target. So you are just repeating yourself. Over and over and over again ad nauseam.

    You seem to ignore the fact that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf (a.k.a. "Pussy Grabber") is in fact a subject of both the conspiracy investigation and the obstruction of justice investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Mueller. You can't deny that, so you just pretend it doesn't exist. You are dumb as a brick! And you prove it yourself, over and over again ad nauseam. Read the article from the National Review (a highly regarded Conservative publication) and then try to deny that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is a subject of both investigations.

    Let me first point out, oh ignorant foolish Panzie, an error in your second compilation, or rather not an error but an intentional misstatement by which you hope to confuse and dis-inform.

    Your first article in the second compilation correctly points out that the Republicans ONLY on the House Intelligence Committee found no evidence of collusion (whatever that is). But unfortunately for you, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee NEVER LOOKED FOR ANY EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION. If you purposely avoid looking for something, the odds are pretty good that you won't find it! The Democrats, in their report, found plenty of evidence of conspiracy with Russians on the part of individuals in the Drumpf campaign.

    But your headline for the second article, the one from Al Jazeera, says "*Senate intelligence committee probe finds no Trump-Russia collusion." That is simply a lie. Not just a false statement, but a lie you pulled right out of your sphincter. Because the article linked to that headline again refers to the House Intelligence Committee Republican report, written by Devin Nunes. The Senate Intelligence Committee never found any such thing, and in fact has not yet completed their investigation. How stupid do you think people are? Do you actually believe everyone is as stupid as you and your Atomwaffen compatriot Reaper are?

    Get a life, DF, and stop lying to the people who view this forum. WADF.
  • Nice pictures, Reaper. Just like Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf. Can't write or read, so you prefer pictures. Is the second photo a picture of you just about to pick your nose? I thought so. You and Panties are really a pair.
  • @SaremChuuk, both Rosenstein and the select committee say the same thing. Which is Trump is not the subject or target of the investigations. The Judicial branch and Legislative branche corroborate what im saying. You on the other hand keep on repeating what you read and saw on CNN.com and CNN cable news.

    The house intel committee found no collusion. FBI-CIA-DIA-NSA found no evidences of collusion. But you and CNN do.

    And im not lying i speak facts. Unlike you who speak like a demented person. 2024 is when Trump step out of the Whitehouse.
  • If you want to look really stupid, Pansy, who am I to argue?

    Here is a report from your favorite purveyor of bullshit, FOX (FAKE!) News. Read it and see if FOX (FAKE!) News agrees with you, or with the truth:

  • Because you can't read things you disagree with, I am taking the liberty of copying the relevant portion of the National Review article linked to above. The National Review is a highly regarded conservative publication with impeccable conservative credentials:

    Most of Washington is reacting with surprise to this revelation in this morning’s Post:

    Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does not consider him a criminal target at this point, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

    In private negotiations in early March about a possible presidential interview, Mueller described Trump as a subject of his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Prosecutors view someone as a subject when that person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges.

    Is this really a bombshell, though? If Mueller had said Trump was a target of the investigation, the president’s lawyers would be more likely to succeed in persuading him not to testify, concluding that the request to testify was a perjury trap. According to the Post’s sources, John Dowd, Trump’s top attorney dealing with the Mueller probe, resigned last month “amid disputes about strategy and frustration that the president ignored his advice to refuse the special counsel’s request for an interview.”

    From the manual for U.S. Attorneys:

    A “target” is a person as to whom the prosecutor or the grand jury has substantial evidence linking him or her to the commission of a crime and who, in the judgment of the prosecutor, is a putative defendant. An officer or employee of an organization which is a target is not automatically considered a target even if such officer’s or employee’s conduct contributed to the commission of the crime by the target organization. The same lack of automatic target status holds true for organizations which employ, or employed, an officer or employee who is a target.

    A “subject” of an investigation is a person whose conduct is within the scope of the grand jury’s investigation.

    BTW, both FOX (FAKE!) News and the National Review disagree with you. I guess that means you will begin attacking conservative publications as unreliable on this subject.

    Go ahead, Panzie Panties, lie again. Make up alternative reality "facts" again.
  • @SaremChuuk, that cut and paste you did above is from the Washington Post. Dated 3 months ago. Old news irrelevant, since Rosenstein telling TRUMP he is not a target comes after that article.

    The Washington post along with CNN are two of the biggest propaganda machine from the left wing media.

    1. The mandate says there is but one investigation, and that is to look into if there was any collusion. Not obstruction but collusion.

    2. DOJ/Rosenstein have said on multiple occasions that Trump is not the target or subject of the investigation.

    3. The house select committee have also said on multiple occasions that Trump is also a subject or target of the investigation.

    4. The Senate intelligence committee have found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

    Thats 4 sources within the government saying the same thing. Trump is not under investigation nor is he a subject or its target.

    All @SaremChuuk has to back him up is CNN which is entertainmet news.
  • @SaremChuuk, the source of that story you highlighted in bold black is Washington post like Reaper pointed out. We call the Washington post little fake news while CNN is big fake news.

    And @Reaper is right you are living in a alternative universe where Hillary is the President. Wake up buddy. Trump is the President. Hillary's political career is dead. Your democRAT party is ripping itself apart and leaderless.

    How can you tell Trump will be declared innocent? Easy follow the money. The biggest money behind the DemocRAT party is George Soros. He does not support the impeachment movement and he also does not believe the investigations will go the way the left think it will. He knows Trump is here to stay and will leave the Whitehouse in 2024.

    George Soros is now focusing his attention on Europe. America is a lost fight to him, he has admitted that. Now Europe is turning its back on George Soros.

    Hahaha the world is rejecting the liberal ideology my friend.
  • Obstruction is coming. Dotard going to jail
  • Pigs will fly if thats true.
  • Only the first two paragraphs of the portion of the National Review article are quoted from the Washington Post. Which means, in most non-alternative universes, that the National Review actually agrees with the Washington Post. I don't care what you call the Washington Post, or CNN. If the National Review quotes the Washington Post with approval, that is good enough for me.

    And what about the FOX (FAKE!) News article? Maybe FOX (FAKE!) News is really FAKE news also?

    I would imagine that either of you could actually find a quote from Rosenstein where Rosenstein actually said Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf was NEITHER a target NOR a subject of any Mueller investigation. Huh, Raper? How about you Panties?

    Can either of you find one quote in ANY publication (try the NY Post, they support Herr Drumpf, or the Daily Caller, or Breitbart, or any other news publications you bullshit artists do not call fake news) where Rosenstein, Mueller, or Sessions actually said out loud (not in the echo chamber you call your minds) and was quoted as saying Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf was NOT a subject of Mueller's investigations?

    if you can't find it, maybe you weren't looking for it. Just like the House [lack of] Intelligence Republicans.

    We are all waiting.

    Raper, all of your arguments have been made and refuted. Checkmate, Nazis.
  • @SaremChuuk, you claimed that post was from the national review but thr records shows its from the Washington post.

    National Review- Rosenstein Assured Trump He’s Not a Target of Mueller Probe


    You tried to pin this article on the National Review but its a product of the fake news Washington post.

    Thats why you don't post the link because it will refute your claim.

  • Where is your proof that Rosenstein said Herr Drumpf is not a SUBJECT of Mueller’s investigations?

    Can’t find any proof? Then you have proven you are a liar! Checkmate, Panty girl!
  • @SaremChuuk, its public knowledge that Rosenstein said that Trump is not a subject and not a target of the Russian investigations. Nor is he a target or subject to muellers probe into Cohen. And the leading member of the house select committee corroborated this by releasing a statement after that exact meeting with Rosenstein. Trump has never been a subject or target of the investigations. Thats what both the DOJ and the select committee said in different statements.

    Rosenstein told Trump last week he is not a target in Russia probe
    (Reuters) - U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, according to a source familiar with the probe.

    You didn't checkmate anything. You didn't provided the link to that article, why is simple because that same article refuted the claims you are making.

    Stop repeating what fake news CNN is saying.
  • "Public knowledge"? If it is knowledge available and received by the public at large, one would think (if one could think) that the knowledge would be available in print form. Or on You Tube. Or in a podcast. Or on billboards. Where, Panty sniffer, is your proof? Proving that Rosenstein, or Mueller, or Sessions, said out loud that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf was not a target of Mueller's two investigations as of March of this year is NOT proof that any of them said that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf was not a subject of any investigations.

    Your Reuters article, just like every link in this thread, ONLY establishes that -- as of the date of the statement -- Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf was not a target. Just because you and Raper equate the word target with the word subject, and then argue that saying Drumpf is not a target means Drumpf is not a subject, does not make those two words equal, except in a diseased and syphilis stricken mind.

    And Devin Nunes is a Russian stooge. What he says is and always has been bullcrap.

    Where is your proof that anyone said Herr Drumpf is not a subject of the Mueller investigations? I guess just because you said it is so, it must be so. Unfortunately you can't find any proof, so you just make shit up.

    You state "Thats what both the DOJ and the select committee said in different statements. " Can you find one of the statements, any one, which states that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is not a subject of any investigation. Of course not. If you or I or Raper or anyone else reading your drivel could actually find any statement by Rosenstein or Mueller proving that neither of them said DFHD was not a subject of the investigations, I feel pretty confident that statement would have appeared already.

    Public knowledge. What a load of crap.
  • Did you even read the Reuters article you linked to? Or are you like Herr Drumpf and don't look at anything but the headlines and the pictures. Read it. Point out the part where the article says Herr Drumpf is not a subject. Quote it in here.

    Lying sack of shit. Spews verbal diarrhea out of his eyeballs.
  • Can you say defendant has flipped and now wants government guarantees. Adios mr orange sphincter.
  • @SaremChuuk, 2 different branches of the government have acknowledged that he is not the subject or target of the investigations. DOJ/Select committee/Intelligence committee. Thats judicial and Legislative right there. You on the other hand have CNNs words. Hahaha

    @redsnapper, no one takes you seriously dude.
  • Simply bullshit. I defy you to either provide a verifiable quote by an official of DOJ, the FBI, or a member of either house of Congress which states unequivocally that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is NOT a subject of either of Mueller's investigations. Prove it, or STFU. You lying POS.

    No proof? No verifiable statement of any official of DOJ, FBI, or any member of Congress? Then simply admit that you are a lying Nazi. Prove it MF!

    BTW. Manafort is in JAIL! Right Now! And Herr Drumpf and his children are all Defendants in another civil fraud trial, brought by New York State. And Cohen is flipping like a pancake. Evidence seized from Cohen includes 700 pages of encrypted messages from ONE of the cellphones taken. And 17 pages of shredded documents pieced back together by FBI investigators.

    You still have that nervous tiny laugh I see. A clear tell that you are lying, just as Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf telegraphs all of his lies with the phrase "believe me".

    No proof? Checkmate.
  • @SaremChuuk, all those sources ive provided said the same thing. Trump is not a subject or is he a target the Mueller investigations in Cohen or Russia.

    All leaked from people close to the investigation. Sources within Muellers team and Sources within Trumps legal team have said the same thing. Not to mention the select committee also said this, along with the 2nd man in charge of the DOJ, AND the intel committee. 2 different sources from 2 teams saying the same thing. The DOJ/Juticial branch and the intel committee and select committee both part of the legislative branch all say the same thing.

    In the intel world we call this beyond reasonable doubt that the word/Trump is not being a target/subject is legit.
  • Name one, and prove it! Can't do it, then you are just a liar. A lying sack of orangutan feces. No names, no quotes, only your word. WTF is your word worth? Provide a link to one source, even one you have provided previously, that says Der Fuhrer Herr Pussygrabber is not a subject of any of Mueller's investigations.

    Just one verifiable quote! The name and the quote! Where is it? You say it exists! Come on, Panzie, one verifiable quote.

    Thought so. No proof, only bullshit. Do you ever get embarrassed by your bullshit? Pathetic Loser.
  • Mueller investigation, trump foundation, stormy Daniels, saluting NK general, manafort sitting in jail, Cohen will go to jail. Sphincter has some serious problems coming.
  • Oh Melania not giving it to your baboon. Damn no wonder he looks so fried.
  • @SaremChuuk, Rosenstein+Intelligence committee+Select committee is all the evidence i need. You? CNN? HAHA
  • Nervous laugh less visible if you make it all caps, huh PantieSniffer?

    Provide one statement from Rosenstein saying the Nazi-in-Chief is not a subject of Mueller's investigations. Provide one statement from either the House [lack of] Intelligence Republicans or the Select Committee which you made up saying the Nazi-in-Chief is not a subject of Mueller's investigations.

    Can't do it, can you? There is no such statement except in your fantasy. You are a liar, plain and simple. A stupid, foolish, ignorant liar Nazi.

    BTW, I watch MSNBC a lot more than CNN. What do you watch? Porn. And FOX [FAKE!] News Russian propaganda.

    How do you think Manafort did in jail with your relatives the cockroaches, PantieSniffer?
  • Is it true Sphincters foundation charged for double dealing, used for personal gain? Is it true porno? Or you know more than the NY AG’s office?
  • There is difference between charged and sued. In this case Trumps foundation is being sued. Not charged. The Attorney General of New York sued the Trump foundation, that attorney General is a registered democrat. So go figure.

    All in all it will get no where. It will make news but it in the end it won't go the way she hopes.
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