Obstruction Of Justice Narrative Destroyed: Deputy Attorney General Recommended Comeys Firing



  • Hey everyone, Pantywaist has answered my question about where it says Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is not a subject of any of Mueller's investigations! Here is his actual response, which can be located above:

    "Is public record that Rosenstein said that Trump is not a subject or target of the investigations.

    Go ahead. Click on the link and read the article. You will see exactly where Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said that Herr Drumpf is not a subject of Mueller's investigations!

    Can't find that part? You can only read the part where Rosenstein says Herr Drumpf is not a target of the investigations?

    Don't worry, be happy. Atomwaffen corporal PantySniffer says "subject" is the same as "target," so Herr Drumpf is not a subject. Not a target, not a subject.

    Anunaki: You are correct. The Attorney General of New York has brought a civil, not criminal action against the Drumpf family and business. The matter has been referred, however, to the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Election Commission for review, so actually nobody knows at this point whether criminal charges might be brought.

    And it just might be that Preet Bharara runs for the AG office in New York in the November election.

    Yes, RS, Pantzie is smarter than all of us, and knows more than anyone other than Der Fuhrer.
  • @SaremChuuk, you still beating up that dead horse? Haha



    On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 04:15

    House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) has said he is confident the FBI's use of an informant to speak with members of President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign was appropriate—and that the agency's investigation "has nothing to do with Donald Trump."

    The oversight committee chairman said both Wray and Rosenstein made it clear that Trump has never been the target of the investigation.

    "Chris Wray and Rod Rosenstein have at least made it clear to us Donald Trump was never the target of the investigation, he's not the current target of the investigation," Gowdy said.

    "Now, keep in mind, that can all change depending on what a witness says, but as of now, I think Chris Wray and Rod Rosenstein are stunned whenever people think Trump is the target of their investigation," he added.

  • It appears that PantiezSucker finally agrees with me. I have always said Der Furhrer is not a target of any investigation at this time. I have only disagreed with the Nazi PantySucKeR with regard to whether Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is at this time a subject of any investigation. Since PantieSniffeR now concedes that Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf is a subject of Mueller's investigation, then we agree.
  • Sued. And what evidence did the AG provide moron? Do you want me to list it? It’s a matter of time before the IRS does it’s part. Tax evasion by rich people is a big deal.
  • @SaremChuuk, actually you are the one agreeing with me. You claimed Trump is a target of the investigations, Rosenstein and the Chairman of the select committee proves that he is neither a subject or target of the investigations. Hahaha

    @redsnapper, you claimed TRUMP is being investigated by the IRS the evidences shows that's is a lie.
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