Chuuk Political Status Commission will borrow money from the Chuuk Health Care Plan

With all the going back and forth arguments with regards to the chuuk health care plan to lend money to the chuuk political status commission, is it legit and lawful for the chuuk health care plan to lend money to the political status commission? My real concern is if the chuuk political status commission is to borrow money why can't it go borrow from a lending institude rather than fro the chuuk health care? I am not agruing that the chuuk health care cannot lend money to the political status commission. I am simply concern why lend money when the chuuk health care needs money to go about its business?

Is it not conflict of interest for the health care plan to lend the money to the political commission when indeed it needs such funds to operate? The director of the chuuk health care plan is also a member on the chuuk political status commission. Talk about "chuukei chok" (wechei chok).

Mwa met ei remi chon "yes" pwata ouwa fen pwan angei masowan ena sawaa nge sipwene sawaa peon. Ika pwe mei ennet pwe afen approve ena budget iwe oute pwan tawat pwun oufen chok pwan fori met epwe watteno ren na spending won ami na budget ika apwan kapachetaa ena % rate won na money oupwe borrow seni chuuk state health care. Ousapw chok kutta itemi me ren aramas mi wewengaw ami oupwe advancini ami kana agendas. Pwan ekis achocho ami oupwe fori ami angang non wenechar me kirekireoch pwun epwe fen pwonuwetaa ena pekin "yes" nap seni an esapw pwonuwetaa ren angang minne men ngaw.

Now we the people of chuuk will not shy away from having our lawmakers make public their opinion on whether is in the best interest of the state of chuuk and its people to seceed from the FSM. We need to have our nouwis in office make public their stand on the chuuk political status issue. We will not take the "ina met chok chuuk a finataa iwe ngang upwe pwan fiti". Stop with the nonsense and show chuuk, especially us the voters how we should vote this coming 2019 on the issue of secession.

Anyone care to educate us on the issue? Please do so.


  • The Commission claims that borrowing money from the Health Care Plan is permitted under the Health Care Plan regulations. Just because it's allowed, doesn't mean we should do it.
  • Will this impact those seeking proper health services out in Guam, Hawaii and the CONUS?
  • There is nothing illegal if the transaction goes through because it's permissible under the governing explicit legislation.
  • Stupid. Just greed in action.
  • The beast is never full. It keeps eating the little children's food. Have mercy.
  • Keep adding and adding, and so let it pile into a huge debt.....then boom, new faces....
  • Then we say, well the century turns or I did not have adequate time to continue or finish what I had started. You did not give me a chance. One might say.
  • The mad cow disease is taking roots. Scary but the truth, we have experienced bad omens in the short history of our beloved State, yet the commissioner keeps screwing people around with reckless behavior without many people questioning the motive and the detailed account of the proposal

    It is best to remember that Chuuk State Government still owe the municipalities millions of dollars for the airport renovation and now more borrowing? Who's going to pay back the HCP money when the commission is dismantling 6 months from March 2019? and who's going to be the co-signer on that borrowing? and at what interest rate?

    If the commission is pleading the people for their support for the secession movement, it needs to address this basic questions before winning the heart of the many undecided.

    Transparency and accountability is a must in order to change the culture of belief
  • The people and businesses of Chuuk State who paid the mandatory health care tax should file a lawsuit against the Health Care Plan for misusing their monies. It is time to get rid of the Executive Director and the Board. One way is to stop paying the biweekly health care tax. Little bid difficult for the govt. employees but the local businesses can just stop paying their taxes to the corrupt Health Care Plan Office. No wonder medical referral to outside has been stopped for a long time. This is pathetic. Please somebody take this to court to stop this madness.
  • I am not a Chuukese, but I take my hot off for the Chuuk's Leadership for coming up with their own Health Care Plan. Chuuk's Leadership should be congratulated for this spectacular achievement. Now that the Compact funding for Off-Island Referral has ceased, Chuuk could still send their patients off-island for special health care. Congratulations Chuuk. Don't stop this excellent development.
  • How is this legal? To utilize money appropriated and approved for a specific use but converted to a task that has nothing to do with national or state needs?? Who is approving the funds for this movement. Will this not only make matters worse for Chuuk State?? They should have used their own funds or fund raised them because its not in line with national or state issues.
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