CVS Kosrae road paving is a complete failuer: waste of time and millions of dollars

It is clear now that the road pave contractor in Kosrae is totally useless and he has no idea of what road paving is. Being good friends with the Governor and the Speaker does not help as he goes on without any concerns from the government. Millions of dollars had been paid up to this idiotic contractor and we are not happy at all with the project, total waste of time.......


  • Please share the details.
  • Very bumpy news. I hope things get smoothed out soon.
  • Finally, a post with some Grit!
  • truth,
    the contract will be ended by next month, however, seeing the same holes being fixed repeatedly three or four times is a nightmare and a nightmare that Kosrae will bear when contractor ends this project.....instead of total replacement of the problematic area, they are keen on fixing individual holes. I am afraid after the way project looks, it is short term fix with no care of the outcome whatsoever.
  • What is the name of the contractor? And do we know the scope of work? Is the contractor supposed to resurface the pavement or do pactchup work by filling in the holes?

    Is there a government inspector responsible to ensure the work is done according to specs? If the contractor is being paid even if the work is done poorly, then perhaps the fault is with Kosrae State Government or whichever government awarded the work to the contractor.

    Please share more and thank you for your concerns. And continue to give facts and details.
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