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  • Right on the point you are Anunaki. Couldn't have said it any better. The liberals cheered and to a certain point ignored this when Clinton passed the law and Obama enforcing it. But are now calling to high heaven about how this is so wrong. They weren't saying the same thing when Bill Clinton passed it and Obama enforced it. Where were they then?
  • Orange ass clown meeting tonight at Russian embassy.
  • Its faux left or liberal outrage. They are easily manipulated by their own media.
  • I don’t care, do you?
  • OD, that's why the Obama admin came up with the catch and release policy. they cant not detain the children for a long period of time because it illegal and this is what Trump is leaning toward but the bigger problem they are encountering is how to reunite the kids with their parents, no way no how because there are no records or data to work with. Let me make it clear.. this is a policy in limbo that was created by Trump and there is nothing that connect the democrats with but fake news keep on blaming the democrats..
  • @Visafree, again you are ranting out of your southern hole. Obama administration used the same law Trump is enforcing to separated 3 million illegal immigrants and children and deported them. He used the ATEP policy to deport childrens by the hundred of thousands. This is why it is best to do research before you spew fake rants.
  • People should stop OBSTRUCTING sphincters work as he does nothing but erase black mamba’s work. Stop all these STORMY talk already. I DON’T CARE...DO YOU?
  • Hahah he is undoing all of bad policy enacted by the deporter in chief. MAGA.
  • Zzz.Piss break.Zzz haha
  • PS, Trump don't like the idea of enforcing any laws that created by Obama, because obviously his admin is base on racist toward color people?. including people from the islands?..But like other have said clearly.. it a matter of time when the truth shall finally come out!! stay tune!
  • This law was passed by the Bill Clinton administration not obama. But Obama also enforced it. No one is buying that racist BS anymore, like no one is also buying the Russian story too. Its called the liberal bubble. In that small bubble what they want to believe outside what they don't 2want. You my friend have also encase yourself in a bubble. Sad.
  • Stormy stuff. About $130,000 worth
  • @Visafree Obama's own Secretary of Homeland Security was on CNN last night and he said Obama's policy of catch and release was so bad that they lost track of many illegal migrants and many of those didn't even show up for their court hearings.
  • @Visafree Obama's own Secretary of Homeland Security was on CNN last night. I believe his name is Jay, he said the obama policy of catch and release was so bad that they lost track many of the illegal migrants they released. And many of those released didn't show up to their court hearings.
  • Obamas catch and release policy work better then the trumps" zero tolerance" policy what really amazing here is the fact that the new trumps policy was actually planned since day one of this administration and yet , they did not have a system in place to track the separation from children from their parents.. Big problem for this admin on the other hand, the catch and release policy, it is easily can be fix and make it better along the way meanwhile, the trump policy is in limbo!.. that's the huge different my friend! one is dumper then the other!
  • The catch and release policy was a disaster. Close to 200,000 illegals were never heard from again once they released them. That's 200,000 criminals on the loose. You know it was a utter failure when Obama's own DHS Secretary admits that it is.
  • Let the facts speak for itself....

    Barack Obama also separated children from parents and used detention facilities but went scot-free
    The outrage on mainstream media and political class over images of migrant children, locked up in "cages" and frightened, might force you to believe that President Donald Trump does not care about children being separated from their families. However, the truth is that the same policies were followed by the previous administrations. Both the Obama and the Bush administrations prosecuted over half a million undocumented immigrants and separated families in the process.

    Back in 2014, thousands of youngsters were detained at the US border when President Obama called the shots. The fact that the Obama administration also used detention centers is completely lost in the debate and goes without acknowledgment, reported The Daily Caller.

    After arriving unaccompanied at the border that year, children were locked up at shelters in Texas and Arizona for further processing.

    Both the presidents were caught in a conundrum with no adult or legal guardian alongside the youngsters, as they did not know what to do with them when they arrived at the border.

    Immigrant children who are coming in from Mexico, unaccompanied, can be turned back then and there itself, but those coming from farther places such as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala have to be given a chance at a court hearing.

    Due to this, until pending cases are resolved and ones pertaining to them are arbitrated, there is no choice but to place them in shelters for the said period of time. However, this has lead to a cascade of criticism for both the current and the previous administrations.

    About 32,372 unattended minors have arrived at the border under the Trump administration in the 2018 fiscal year. The number has more than tripled since last year. While under the Obama administration, an estimated 60,000 unaccompanied children arrived in 2014 - four times the number of minors that touched the border in 2012. Obama was widely accused at the time of pushing children to take a chance at crossing the border with 'soft' immigration policies. 

    Fast forward to 2018, and President Trump is being slammed by establishment media for allegedly using the minors as "political pawns" to force Democrats to sign new immigration laws which are presumed to be considerably tougher.

    Children have been separated from their parents and kept in separate chambers even during the Obama administration, but no one seemed to take heed of the fact back then. Trump is bearing the brunt of criticism for the policies laid down by the previous administration ever since he announced the "zero tolerance" border program.

    According to the said policy, everyone who turns up at the border undocumented is prosecuted, with more than 2,000 children being taken away from their parents until cases are resolved.

    But, according to the law, children are not allowed to be held in migrant detention for a long period and hence are separated from their parents who stay there and face prosecution. Officials in the Obama administration have brazenly denied ever separating parents from their children, but photos obtained by Meaww tell a different story altogether.

    On the other hand, President Obama's domestic policy adviser Cecilia Muñoz asserted that their administration considered a policy similar to Trump's "zero tolerance" but apparently decided not to go through with it. "The morality of it was clear — that's not who we are," she said. In fact, the Obama administration also faced backlash for detaining some families indefinitely as their cases took years to arbitrate.

    As the Daily Caller previously reported, “Obama administration prosecuted nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants between FY 2010-FY2016. They referred 1/5 of illegals for prosecution, which often resulted in family separations.”

    The difference between the two leaders, however, is that President Trump went ahead and signed an executive order Wednesday that will put a stop to the separation of families, while Obama did nothing at his time to make amends.
  • @ Anunaki, key word is " fixable". whats not work can be repeal anfd this is what the republicans are leaning toward.. to fix whatever to make it work,, that's the positive thing this policy is on the other hand, its more of a disaster to point of no clue how to retrack clider to their parents?.. more then two thousand young children.separated from their parents?.. the more disasterest policy ever!
  • If it was fixable why didn't the Obama administration tried to fix it? And why did democrats refused to vote on it a week ago? What about the 60,000 childrens detained and separated during obama on 2014/2015?

    Answers, 1.Obama didn't wanto fix it, 2 democrats didn't want to fix it, 3 democrats didn't care when it was happening under their control of the Whitehouse.

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    here is a video of a interview with obamas DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson who also said catch and release was a bad policy reaffirming that catch and release is a bad policy. He also admits Obama also detained children.

    @Visafree, what are your thoughts on this? You said it was a better policy but according to Obama's own DHS Secretary who is a member of obamas national security team, catch and release is a bad policy "we shouldn't have catch and release" according to him.
  • Whataboutism strikes again. Morons.
  • All quiet in sphincterville?
  • Trump is busy looking for the crying babies separated from their refugee parents after they entered the U.S.

    Just kidding.

    He was golfing this weekend - as usual - at his luxury resort in Florida. Fore!
  • Reaper, I don't know what that secretary is saying but the idea of catch and release is more decent and appropriate , there were family indictment centers too that keep family together. But the new idea of separating families for ever, is an act of evil. that my friend is the huge different.
  • @redsnapper, according to Obamas DHS Secretary, obama administration also detained illegal immigrants and separated kids from families. Where were the outrage then? None.

    @FactsMatters, those are nor refugees, Political correctness aside these are illegals. Law breakers. Criminals.

    @Visafree, thats your opinion which don't matters since you don't make policies. But Jeh Johnsons opinion matter since he made policies that effected millions of lifes. And according to Him, catch and release was and is a disastrous policy. We shouldn't have it according to him.
  • Poor families forced to flee and seek safety because of violence and poverty in their home countries are refugees, not 'criminals' or 'illegals.'

    America is a land of immigrants who left their home countries for these same reasons, and most of them were 'undocumented' when they first arrived on American soil.

    The word 'illegal' is an adjective, not a noun. We don't call people who get misdemeanor traffic tickets or committ other misdemeanor offenses 'illegals.'' Crossing the U.S. border without documentation is a misdemeanor, not a felony, 'and people seeking safe refuge are refugees, not 'illegals.'

    On the other hand, billionaires who hide their shady tax returns, lie about their secret Russian connections, fire FBI directors to stop investigations and obstruct justice, secretly pay porn stars to keep quiet about their infidelities and then lie about it, put their own family members in government jobs so that they can promote their business interests, brag about assaulting attractive women, slander all Mexicans by calling them rapists and murderers, insult America's close neighbor and longtime ally Canada by calling it a threat to U.S. national security, and trash the Constitution by ignoring the 5th and the 14th amendments guarantee of due process for everyone on American soil........well, we shall see in the end whose actions will be judged as 'criminal,' the desperate refugees, or the billionaire president and his shady accomplices.
  • 81 campaign promises delivered this year and 11 obama legacy items repealed. MAGA!
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