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  • those campaign promises your ranting on PS did not move the ball a bit, not a bit so nothing to be proud of.
  • According to the US economist and political analysis those promises have impact or move the ball by miles.
  • Yes, this is how Trump is impacting the American economy.
  • Yup a cartoon is the answer we need. Lol
    Remember these are the same people who said jobs wouldn't return under Trump, economy would go down. And he would start a war with north korea.

    Harley-Davidson workers across the USA are reeling from the planned closure of the motorcycle maker's Kansas City plant, even as the firm is expected to reap huge financial benefits from the federal corporate tax cut.

    The Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer benefited from the tax cuts enacted Jan. 1, then announced cuts of 350 jobs across the company in late January.

    Harley-Davidson will shift manufacturing overseas to avoid tariffs caused by President Trump's trade war. It can do that because it's a global brand, but other businesses aren't as lucky. And workers everywhere stand to lose.

    25 percent tariffs were imposed last week by E.U. officials in response to the Trump administration's decision to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Europe.

    The tariffs will increase the cost of a motorcycle exported from the U.S. to the E.U. by about $2,200 per bike, and would cost Harley-Davidson between $90 and $100 million per year, the company told the SEC.

    Whether looking at motorcycles, nails, tires, or any of the other steel-consuming industries that employ more than 6.5 million Americans, the story is largely the same. Trump's trade war is hiking production costs and closing off potential export markets.

    Tariffs aren't saving steel towns, but they are causing serious pain for American manufacturers—the very set of industries that Trump supposedly is trying to help.

    That Harley-Davidson is among the first out of the gate with a warning on higher costs is a black eye for President Donald Trump, who last year thanked the company for "building things in America."

    MAGA lol
  • As opposed to companies to bring back $400 billion in overseas cash to the US

    400 billions, thats millions of job. That MAGA right there. Liberals rejoicing cause one company is planning to relocate. Big deal. Thousand jobs being relocated vs millions being created with companies bringing their offshore billions back to US. Thousand is less really less than a million. MAGA
  • SNN Sphincter News Network Breaking News.
  • Ain't cnbc owned by NBCUniversal? One of many left wing media outlets who tried getting failed 2 time candidate Hillary elected. Now its part of Trump news network. Liberals are losing their mind and calling their own fake news. Haha
  • Of course he got his black eye from his own trade war, nobody else to blame but him the POTUS
  • Oh, porno yanked Hillary out of his ass again.
  • In the end the they will fold. They will suffer more than since they need the US economy more than the US needs theirs.

    What black eye? You libs must be seeing things.
  • what black eye? that Harley Davidson black eye, because of his stupid trade war, first American job to go oversea, more to go
  • No blackeye there visa, Harley is moving some of its production overseas not its entire operation. Harley employs 5,800 people, at the most harley will layoff 1,000 people in the US and hire 1,000 in Europe. Harley has been losing sales in the US for years now and itd major market for its products is Europe. And again its some part of its production not its entire operation. Thats a thousand jobs. Some black eye. Not even in trickle effect on US job growth and economy.
  • Still they are moving.. you don't get it! he ranted on Made in America by American but that rant turned wround and gave him a black eye. and now it will be made in China by Chinese instead ?
  • Again what black eye. Just saw him on the news a few minutes ago and no black eye. And its moving parts of its production not its entire operation.
  • LOL..@ no black eye.. and you still don't get it?. Total ignorance boo! sorry!
  • @visafee, its a thousand job thats 1,000 job. Vs the 200,000 jobs he add on to the economy each months. Do the math. Lol
  • so long the trade war continues, the trend will continue and within a year or so many more jobs will be lost to the trade war. this si a twisted mentality
  • Your political insight are shallow. Now you want to take a go at economic. Need i remind you democrats and economic don't mix. And last i checked the economy is doing good and 3.1 million jobs added. Go cry those fake tears somewhere.
  • Those jobs are by product of Obama's stimulate package back in 2008.. nothing new here only thing new is the admin whos now busy taking credit..no shame!
  • Please move on nothing to see here. Just whining and bitching by trump turds
  • Visa my ranting factless friend, obama fiscal year ended in 9/2017. Didn't democRATs said the economy and jobs will go down and disappear under Trump? Haha
  • Please move on. Nothing to see here. Porno pulled obama out of his ass for the bigliest time.
  • More like MAMA - Make America a Monarchy Again

  • Ridiculous cover from time magazine yet again. Isn't Trump the one who's championing the 2nd amendment or the peoples right to have weapons. If Trump wanted to be king the first thing he would have done is get rid of the the 2nd Amendment.
  • edited July 2018
    Good point there anunaki, why is the dictator Trump defending the right to bear arms while democrats are adamant in abolishing it? Another stupid liberal narrative all because Trump and GOP are using the Biden Rule to get Trumps supreme court nominee confirmed. Like Mitch McConnell said back in 2013 " democrats will regret this policy sooner rather than later". And they are regretting it.
    Per CNN: Trump defends Second Amendment
  • There is some pretty fired up folks in here.

    Both sides have valid points, in my opinion. It's definitely a rock and a hard place situation for the policy makers.
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