Children Being Separated by Trump's Policy

I can't help imagining it. What the hell is this man thinking of? Please share your ideas.


  • Where was the outrage when this was also happening during Obama's stint? I detest the current administration as much as the next person but I don't spend a lifetime looking into every microscopic ill of their policies, many of which are carried over from Obamas tenure, and lay it to blame at the feet of the current Clown.

  • Yes blame it on Fuckface McOrangesphincter and his verbal diarrhea posse porno and what’s the other fuckfaces names that support this orange ass clown?
  • It's inhumane. Can't understand why such attitude can be advocated. What the heck is happening to some people?
  • 1. DemocRATs passed this law that Trump is enforcing.
    2. DemocRATs were silent when Obama was doing it.
    3. 2.5 million illegal immigrants and their kids were deported by Obama while enforcing the same law.

    DemocRATs then were silent as crickets.
  • The Trump administration is treating illegal immigrants & their children the same way Clinton, Bush & Obama did.

    The only difference now is the TV telling liberals to get mad.
  • So much for obama saying his administration have no scandal.
  • The only different is the separation of kids from parents at the border, yes the parents may have enter illegally and suspect to prosecution but what about the babies? they can not hold the babies criminals, so what are they doing about it? separating the babies from their mother/fathers is illegal and violate the babe's human rights..? according to the commissioner of human right in New York and in the eyes of the world.. So that never happened during the Obamas and Clintons Admin..Never happened
  • Porno lives in whataboutism country. Just like his whining orange sphincter who can’t admit he fucked up and now his party is angry. Always playing the what about blame game.
  • Lock her up, lock her up.....,, still waiting. Perhaps lock him up might happen first. Lol
  • "So that never happened during the Obamas and Clintons Admin..Never happened"

    According to the facts and records that statement is a lie.

    Obama took other controversial steps as well, including fighting to block efforts to require unaccompanied children to have legal representation and barring detained mothers with their children from being released on bond.

    The Obama administration also deported a teenage mother and her son back to Honduras soon after she attempted suicide at Texas family detention center.

    Her lawyer, Bryan Johnson, finds its difficult making comparisons saying they were both tough on enforcement. But he worries comparing what Trump did to Obama makes the crisis today look less significant.

    “Obama was bad. ... I think the main difference is scale here with Trump."

    While Obama downplayed his enforcement, Trump has embraced and made it a signature issue of his presidency.
  • There is a reason Obama's nickname is deporter in chief. All these pictures evidences tells us that Obama did separate childrens at the border and put in different holding facilities. All pictures are from 2014. I wonder who was the President then?


    2.Young boys sleep in a holding cell at U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Nogales Placement Center on June 18, 2014.

    3.Two young girls watch a World Cup soccer match on a television from their holding area on June 18, 2014, in Nogales, Arizona. They are among hundreds of immigrant children being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center.

    4.Detainees sleep and watch television in a holding cell on June 18, 2014. They are among hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center.

    5.Young detainees are escorted to an area to make phone calls at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center on June 18, 2014.
  • Sad to see these rapists and murderers all caged up.
  • Big, bad Donald. President Bone Spurs is such a brave, strong guy!
  • It's nice here.
  • Don't you love the left wing medi and its fake news? Take for example the picture @FacrsMatter (FactsDontMatter) posted. It turns out is a lie.

    Per the left wing VOX: Time magazine’s cover: neither bold nor brave, just exploitative
    " We have since learned that the young Honduran girl in this photograph wasn’t separated from her mother; they are being housed at a South Texas Family Residential Center under ICE custody.

    Per the Washington post (one of many media outlets who went out of their way to get Hillary elected): Time magazine’s major mistake on the crying-girl cover

    " Not every Child is separated at the border". " But that's not what it was. As The Washington Post's Samantha Schmidt and Kristine Phillips report, the girl's father says the child and her mother were never separated. U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed it, as did the Honduran deputy foreign minister".

    Exploitive according to Webster dictionary is making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit.

    In other words fake news using fake story to exploit people or situation for gains and magazine sell.
  • Ass Clown of the year. There goes your nobel prize. Hahaha
  • Video of border patrol agent destroying democrat narrative. According to the Border Patrol spokesman, This has been happening for 5 years now. By this i mean detaining children and separating them from their parent's.

    The same border patrol also confirmed that this law was passed years ago. And according to facts it was passed under democrat President Bill Clinton. Floress Vs Reno et al.
  • Whataboutis= so what obama did who cares. Hahaha
  • I see the citizens of sphincterville are back. Point proven.
  • Law to separate illegals and children at border passed by Democrat Bill Clinton, enforced by Obama, liberals praised both. Trump enforce and try to solve it the liberals go gaga. Thats about it.
  • Protest all over the country chaos! not good ,nothing uplifting or anything to be proud of, democracy is in great danger by the act of the tyranny, communism anyone?
  • Whataboutism strikes again. Repo you orange sphincter always plays the blame game like you when he should act presidential and shut his mouth and poop tweeting and fix it. Instead he bitches just like all you Trump turds in here.
  • @visafree, just democrats acting like childrens again. Like they have been doing since 2016. Waah waah waaaaa we didn't get it our way. Lol
  • You have people confused with whining orange sphincter who keeps pulling black mamba out of his ass.
  • Im tired of all these winning since 2017. Please can someone stop it. Trump has my vote in 2020. I will have to fly to the mainland and return to Nevada to cast my vote. I am now a MAGA believer.
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