Trump Administration Rebuilding US Military Bases Near Russian Border as Deterrence Against Russia

Another Democrat narrative destroyed

The Trump administration wants to spend $828 million in 2019 to build up military infrastructure in Europe as part of an ongoing initiative to deter Russian aggression and reinforce allies. Almost half of that construction funding would go toward U.S. Air Force projects.

The request would more than double military construction funding under the European Deterrence Initiative, or EDI, from the 2018 request — when not so long ago, the U.S. military was shrinking its Cold War-era footprint in Europe.

As the EDI request grew to $6.5 billion from $4.8 billion in 2018, military construction in the EDI request leaped from $338 million in 2018, while pre-positioning funds jumped from $2.2 billion to $3.2 billion.

Of that, the Air Force would spend $368.6 million to pre-position equipment and $363.8 million for military construction. While that’s roughly on par with what was spent in fiscal 2018, it’s a huge jump from FY17, when the Air Force got only $31.2 million in pre-positioning funds and $85.4 million for military construction.

The idea is that if Russia invaded a European nation — for example, Latvia — the U.S. Air Force would be able to quickly respond, supported by basic airfields to reload, refuel and repair damage.

To do this, the U.S. is placing pre-positioned Air Force basing assets in original NATO nations, like Germany and the United Kingdom, and making significant airfield improvements in Eastern Bloc countries and beyond.

To be clear, the U.S. is not looking at building up new major bases in former Soviet bloc countries, but it’s making improvements to existing infrastructure to ensure it supports U.S.-specific requirements.

“It makes it easier to reinforce [allies] in a crisis,” said Mark Cancian, a retired Marine Corps officer and senior international security adviser with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “The munitions, the taxiways and refueling points makes it much easier to move in there in an emergency.”

U.S. European Command chief Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti acknowledged as much in congressional testimony in March. The FY18 and FY19 budget requests, he said, would “enable the rapid reception of fourth- and fifth-generation fighters, close-air support, bombers and air mobility aircraft in a contingency.”

On Russia’s doorstep, the 2018 budget funded refueling infrastructure and a tactical fighter aircraft parking apron and taxiway at Amari Air Base, in Estonia, so it can support the A-10, F-15, F-16, F-22 and F-35 aircraft. The 2019 budget request asks for $16 million more for U.S. Special Operations Command training and operations facilities at Amari.

At Kecskemet Air Base, in Hungary, $56 million in 2018 dollars is paying for fuel storage, taxiway construction and other improvements to accommodate the F-15, A-10 and C-5 transport aircraft.

The 2019 request would build a munitions storage facility at Malacky Air Base, in Slovakia, where 2018 dollars are expanding the tactical fighter aircraft parking apron to accommodate the A-10 and F-15.

The Air Force also wants $13.8 million in FY19 for taxiway construction at Rygge, Norway.

The U.S. Army continues to dominate America’s military efforts in Europe. Some $2.5 billion would continue to buy pre-positioned equipment for an Army division to fall in on, while $921 million would pay for European rotations of American armored troops, coupled with assigned light and Stryker forces. And $100 million would support a combat aviation brigade rotation.

Meanwhile, the Air Force investment comes as the service’s footprint in Europe is at a low point, down to some 34,000 personnel, six main operating bases and 204 aircraft ― from 72,000 personnel, 25 main operating bases and 805 aircraft during the 1990s.


  • US Army Armor units and US Air Force will now be stationed acrros the Russian border on continual rotation in Trumps policy of containing Russian aggression in Europe. Why is Trump doing this when he is supposed to be controlled by Russia?
  • Stormy Daniels hush money.
  • Yup a friend of mine from a unit based out in Georgia is deploying to poland with 15 of his units M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams. The newest version of the Armys Abrams MBT. Get some boys. Get some.
  • it's a political move to make them look tough but the reality is, the chief in command is a pussy sucking Putin.
  • @visafree, yeah so why did Russia denounce this move as US aggression liken to cold war era? The US is moving aircraft like A-10, F-15, F-16, F-22 and F-35 aircraft next to Russian border.
  • Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un is making Trump look like a total fool.

    North Korea is upgrading its nuclear research center at a rapid pace, new satellite imagery analysis suggests, despite Pyongyang’s commitment to denuclearization at a summit with the U.S. this month.

    Satellite pictures, captured on June 21, nine days after the Singapore summit meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, showed no immediate effort to begin denuclearization at North Korea’s key nuclear research site.

    Shortly after shaking hands with Kim on June 12, Trump said the North Korean leader would return home to begin dismantling his country’s nuclear program. “In fact, when he lands—which is going to be shortly—I think that he will start that process right away,” Trump told reporters.
  • The moment you realize result of when two pathological liars make a promise - The so called historic summit in Singapore.
  • Meanwhile Trump extends emargo and sanctions on North Korea. You have to pay to play with the big boys Kim. Haha
  • Comparing foriegn policy of Obama and Trump.

    Obama gave away billions of dollars to the iranians and still didn't stop Iran from pursuing research into nuclear weapons. Which the Iran deal was to stop.

    Trump gave away a meeting, not billions of taxpayers money but a meeting. In return north korea destroyed nuclear research facilities, returned US hostages and remains of US soldiers from korean war and hasn't shoot any rockets for a year now.

    Democrats need to make up their mind. They want a war now, they don't want a war tomorrow. They can't make up their minds.
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