Micronesian Canoes

From west to east let us discuss the vessels our ancestors used to venture through the vast Ocean.Give out detailed info of how these "chariots of the pacific" came to be.Such as traditional tool they used.The weight/height.Design.Agility.Special ceromony used during or after construction.Etc etc...

Surely we have great ships to be proud of.We are people of the ocean.


  • a bamboo stick
  • @Hite/Be more specific.Bamboos were used mainly for dancing purposes.Idk if any tools were made from it.
  • our ancestors used bamboos to put together a canoe and then sail on it.
  • In the Marshalls, canoes have always been made from the trunks of breadfruit trees, not from bamboo. Which "ancestors" used bamboo to make their canoes?
  • @Hite/Which of our ancestors used those technique my island kinsmen?.As FM mentioned.Here in the Marshall kindoms.Our ships are mostly made from Wood.For the main body frame to the pandanus sail holder.The ship crafters didn't use bamboos.In general it's more compatible for raft usage than a Sea worthy vessel.An entire canoe made from Bamboo....I don't think it'll last a week on a voyage outside any kingdom in our vast ocean.

    Like all of our ancestors throughout Microensia bamboos were used for other things besides ship making.
  • i'm just messing around. sorry.
  • I have seen bamboo rafts used in lagoons and harbors in FSM from Kosrae to Yap. But why wasn't bamboo ever used for tables & chairs? I have seen hotels & restaurants with them, but all of it is imported, mainly from PI. Surely our craftspeople are skilled enough to use bamboo like this, in a furnishings business?
  • @Susuki/Exellent business ideal for Micronesia An opportunity for more jobs and boost to the economy.However obstacles of problems will arise such as limited resource,Competitiers,etc.

    @Hite/No problemo
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