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Kaselehlie !

My name is Eugene Leopold and I am a student at the College of Micronesia and I am very passionate about spreading our identity as Micronesians. I plan to be an advocate and spokesperson for those in need and those who cant dream due to surviving, diseases, and many other barriers.
I would like to know where i can get support for YouTube channel that I would like to get going with your support. I would like to get some equipment for my channel. This channel will be a site for voicing the hearts and ideas of Micronesians . I would like to use this channel as a place where we can all appreciate and understand our people and communities.
Please if you can support a dear Micronesian Student with many dreams I would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you very much.


  • Thank you Mr. Leopold. Are you asking for financial support, moral support, etc. ?
  • Thank you Mr. Leopold. Yes, I would like to help but here is the situation. Where I work, we are not allowed to get on the Youtube which is really a shame. Our government wanted development, which depend on such engines as Youtube and others, paid for the whole access and paying for on monthly basis as required but does not allow access. It is like buying a sag of rice every two weeks or so but only allow to devour 3/4 of its content. Meaning you have to throw away 1/4 because you are not allowed to eat it. Doesn't this sound ridicules? And unnessessary waste of government funds? I bet this amounts to thousands of dollars every year. Very funny, I have complete access at home but the government isn't.
  • Sandman...I think he is asking for subscribers.
  • Thank you all for considering my request. I would like to get a vlogging camera and other equipment for this journey. Your support means alot to me and the our people.
  • @yuchleop

    Have you considered starting a campaign? There are many folks out there who are willing to contribute to efforts like yours. It's worth a try. Good luck with your fund-raising campaign.
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