JUNE/29/2018 Obama: Democrats Are Foolish To Think They Can Beat Trump-GOP


The failed President admitted on a fundraiser today that Democrats are foolish to think they can beat Trump and the GOP BECAUSE they (democrats) are doing good in a few special elections. He went on to say that Republicans are very systematic and very organized at the Presidential level and congressional level and state level. They (republicans) according to obama only care about winning while democrats are leaderless and need to pick their fight more carefully instead of taking a bite at every plate that comes their way.

He is talking about how the GOP is united at one thing winning while democrats are not. Good perspective on how both party's are from the failed President.


  • @Reaper

    I think you missed the whole "systematic" reference here. While Dem's had majorities and super majorities in the houses and the executive office, squabbled over mundane details of this and that while they held a strangle hold on the government, the GOP quietly organized the most broad sweeping,coordinated redistricting effort in the history of the country. The end result is districts where a Democratic win is virtually impossible. This is because of how the district lines were strategically drawn to separate populated blue zones and unite zones that were sparsely red zones into unified red strongholds. The Dem's "can't win" because the system has been tweaked to make it a virtual impossibility barring a large, deep seated change in a large groups belief set... another virtual impossibility.
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  • North Korea is complaining about how the Trump administration is enforcing the nuclear disarmament of its regime. Carrot and Stick policy is working.
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  • Yeah he got played thats why north korea is carrying out its part of the Singapore agreement to denuclearize. That guy who didn't do his homework is selling weapons to ukraine who is having a low drag war with Russia. Selling patriot missiles and sending fighters plane to Poland which border Russia and sending Marines to Sweeden. Garrot and stick baby.
  • Pornos sources: retards.com
  • 2020 here comes MAGA. 6 more years to go. Haha
  • Cute. Citing a piece thats full of assumptions is the way to go. Good luck convincing people about that.
  • Porno, is John McCain a hero?
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