I have stayed away for months, as most of the discussions here have little or nothing to do with Micronesia, the original focus of the forum here. This forum has been reduced to name calling between Trump supporters or not, hiding behind their forum handles. Those interested in US politics can easily checkin with Fox, CNN, BBC, or whichever news channel fits your political leanings. Of more importance should be FSM news, with the upcoming elections and the winding down of compact provided funding, Congress failure to update their website with any new bills & generally keep the public in the dark of their happenings, the status of fiber optic connections to Yap and Chuuk, etc. Anyone willing to contribute FSM news or issues?


  • More Micronesian pre-History&culture should be more relevant.
  • i know ! why is everyone talking about American isssues instead of our own ??!!!
  • Because Reaper is a wannabe, unoriginal and is full of himself. The he is fed by Saram, Red Snappers and others. Reaper and his alter egos here need to get a life. This forum became shit. Nice Reaper. Donald Trump doesn't give a shit about you nor can you do something good for him. Kowe mehn ia? Ke anahne kamakam.
  • Socialists love to silence others. What was it again? Its either liberal rahrah news or nothing at all. Diversity of news and discussion is a good thing. Its what free society is all about. Its what democracy is all about.
  • @microspring, that coming from a person that as many discussions in here relating to America is hypocritical. And if you want to start a discussion @suzuki no one is stopping you.
  • This forum is for issues dealing with Micronesia, hence, the name of the forum. We can get US news from other outlets. I respectfully ask that we stop flooding this forum with US news, and keep it Micronesian.
  • It all boil down if its related to any aspect to Micronesians.
  • So who is stopping people from posting?
  • Yes, the less orange sphincter devotees in here the better
  • It does not stop you from participating in orange news now red.
  • take a break my friend reaper, you've outdone yourself....
  • You are the cause for us not posting. When something worth discussing is posted, you posted eight or 10 shitty American news that we too are following on our own but in news outlets. When you do that, you literally sink the relevant conversions.
  • No micro no. No one is stopping you from posting or others.
  • I used to be a regular poster/reader of the this forum. However, when the forum was dominated by US news, I stopped posting and reading.
  • I agree. Administrator should filter out US Politics and only allow FSM Matters. I mean after all, it's called "MICSEM"
  • Free speech allow you to disagree and voice opposite views. Thats what micronesian fsm government is about.
  • "That's what Micronesian FSM government is about."

    I think the point is the forum has been hijacked and "Micronesian government" has been relegated to the sidelines by US Right vs. Left politics.

    Everyone keeps touting "free speech" defending what they post in here. Yes, free speech is such a thing, however, you don't see real, living, people walk into a church, start up a conversation about their favorite porn sites with total disregard for the congregation trying to worship. Free Speech? Sure. Appropriate venue is what seems to the be the problem here. And just so people realize, other forums, topic/subject-based forums WILL delete, boot, and block you for violating the rules regarding subject matter and etiquette... so go ahead, exercise free speech with complete disregard for anyone who might see your posts here as irrelevant to the forums original purpose.
  • @xectms, we have over close to 30,000 micronesians living in the US and keeps increasing. Its relevant. What happens in the US-politics has ribble effects on Micronesia as a whole.
  • What happens in US politics may have an effect on Micronesia, but we can get that news from other sources. This forum was made for discussing Micronesian issues. PLEASE stop posting US political issues.
  • @coconut, yesterday i was a Nazi today i am a Zionist. Which is it? Aren't Nazis supposed to hate jews or Zionist?

    @Sandman, thanks for acknowledging that US policies either economic or politics have effects on Micronesia. I rest my case.
  • @Reaper

    I'm not going to contest the numbers you quoted. I'm not questioning the reality of US Politics on Micronesians living in the good ol' US of A, either. I'm not even going to say you shouldn't post your topics here. Specifically, I'm pointing out that this forum, historically, dealt with Micronesia in the geopolitical sense of the word. I think a good solution to all this to open another category for US Politics to go with the General, Religion, and Soldier areas because, Yes, it DOES affect a great many Micronesians.
  • Please move on. Nothing to see here. Porno just doing trump turd stuff.
  • How the snowflakes are metling brings joy to my ear.
  • Reaper, rest your case and take it else where.
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