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    Whatever works for you, I guess. It sounds a bit sadistic to me, but who am I to judge, right?
  • Porno where’s the EPA guy? How’s the NK thing? Where’s Manafort? Where’s oh fuck it, the presidents very best people campaign promise was just BS. He wants to get rid of his Secretary of Justice but knows that’s impeachment for sure. So is stormy campaign fraud, mueller investigation and obstruction of justice. No wonder he wants to go cry to his boss putin. Hahahaha
  • I want to donate to trump foundation but was told they’re all being investigated. Hahahaha
  • I applied at trump university and was told it’s a scam
  • I googled asshole and trumps face appeared. Hahahaha
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    I am a slave to political dogma. I am a closed minded ideologue who leaves no room for anything resembling compromise. If you believe any different from what I believe, you are wrong and not worth my time. I am all knowing. I am always right. I prefer flinging crap out of a spoon like a monkey at the zoo over civil discourse. I frequently correct history scholars, economy scholars, political science scholars, religious scholars... you name it, and I'll reply with "Fake ...." I am the only accurate source of information. Again, I am all knowing. The current political climate is one resembling WWI trench warfare, but, I AM NOT PART OF THAT PROBLEM. While I'm at it I might as well confirm it... my shits and farts smell like roses.
  • coconut had just exposed our moderator, we can say any vulgar or post anything apprently....cause for the infiltration of spams such as reaper's posts....
  • We micros love us some spam. Haha
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