Socialist Win New York Election-Liberals See Socialism As Future Of Democrat Party


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ran on the Democratic-Socialist ticket defeated 10 year center democrat congressman Chris Crowley in the primary in New York. Democrat voters have moved on from center left to the extreme left. She is seen as the future of the democrat party.

Future? Didn't America went to war with Germany in world war 2 to defeat the devil incarnate of Democratic-Socialism in the Name of Adolf Hitler? Adolf Hitler who killed over 6 million Jews and his war caused millions of death world wide was a Democratic Socialist or Socialist Democrat.

Didn't America also faced this same Socialist enemy in the form of the Union Of The Soviet Socialist Republics? In the name of the workers Stalin starved and killed over 25 millions of its own workers and people who it pretended to be for?

Ain't China the new face of socialism is the new socialist enemy of America. In both Germany and Soviet union and China there is no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, only one party, can't talk negative about the government.

Socialism comes with the nice face and promises of free healthcare, free education, equal wages. You get these if you give up your freedom to assembly, speech, religion, and bear arms. Every freedom the US constitution protect as your rights socialism takes away.

Scary part of this entire thing is that liberals see platform as the future of the democrat party.


  • Canada can achieve health care for all and richest country on earth can’t. How dumb is USA?
  • Nazi Germany also achieved healthcare for all @redsnapper. So did the communist Russia and China and Cuba and Venezuela. Government controls healthcare brought us the killings of millions of mentally challenged people in Nazi germany and Soviet union. Thats what happens when the government gets total control of healthcare. And if its so good in Canada why do they come to the US seeking medical care? Haha
  • Canada making America look dumb as fuck
  • By enacting the same policy of healthcare which Hitler and the Nazis did. Thats a some way to make America look backwards.
  • Nazis, that’s your argument? Wtf are you talking about. I’m saying the richest country on earth can’t achieve universal healthcare? While every other industrialized country can. Make America suck again.
  • All those industrialized countries that single payer system tax the F out of their people. If its so good in those countries why do their people come to the US for medical needs? Why is that if it's so good? In those countries that have it, its a policy that those who have less chance of survival will be put last to get medication or surgeries.

    Also America was founded on distrust of a centralized government. Thats what free healthcare is. More power to the federal government. Socialism is a failed system. The Nazis and Russians tried it and failed.
  • You moron. You know Americans go to Mexico for medical services and Canada because of cheaper services and medicine costs right. I’m not for socialism, I’m for taking the wealth of this nation and providing healthcare for all.
  • By the way your orange sphincter is going to Helsinki to suck Putins you know what
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    @redsnapper, no, americans don't go to mexico for medical care or services they go their because of the black market medicine. They go to canada because of cheaper medicine. Not medical services. You have to be a citizen of mexico or canada to get medical services.
  • Source: SNN Sphincter News Network
  • Trump going to Helsinki for his annual review by his boss Putin.
  • You are a moron. That is why its important to do research before talking red.
  • When you see democrats standing up for socialism and defending the same policies put forth by Hitler and the Nazis you know right there the left and democrats in general have lost their f**king minds. This is why i walked away from the Democrat party back in 2011.
  • But, Republicans took over all control of the government, executive and both legislation houses and guess what?.. the nation is in the state of chaos since day one.. How super dump is that?
  • But you forget that its the Democrats who are protesting and burning down cars and breaking businesses and blocking traffic ever since 2016. There is no chaos just babies, democrat babies still crying over a lost election.
  • Whining and whining and whining
  • Yup those dems are still whining. Lol
  • People are protesting across the nation for everything going on in this country, form health care, to poor education, to cruel immigration policy, even the chamber of commerce is bush back against the Trump's trade war that will hurt not make America better. its just a stupid thing to cut tax on corporates and then star a trade war on goods,, is that a excuse to not create jobs and raise wages?, The republican control government think so.
  • That’s what happens when their leader has unnatural skin color and combover. Who the fuck is he foolin? I know, his little turds followers. Lock her up, Mexico will pay, NK nuclear threat is over, my Russian wife loves me.
  • @visafree, last i checked the economy is doing good and keeps getting good. Democrats are not demonstrating these things because they want change its because they are still sore in the butt since losing the election. Didn't see them protesting for these things under the last administration. These problems they are protesting about happened in the last administration but they said and did nothing. Faux concern from faux whinners who can't accept the fact that they lost.
  • @redsnapper, mexico is and will pay for it through the tarrifs Trump gave them. Trumps wife is not Russian, she is slovenian. And North korea has pledged to denuclearized.
  • Obstruction of justice, trump foundation, stormy Daniels, Russian collusion, Russian wife
  • You my friend redsnapper sound like a old beat up record that keeps playing songs that no one listen to anymore.
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    Nationalized health care has nothing to do with genocide. The genocide in Nazi Germany was driven by racism not health care policy. The Nazis also invested heavily in infrastructure. Using that same measure, are we to assume infrastructure investment will lead to genocide? Is that REALLY something anyone believes? If you believe that, you're already beyond reach.
  • NK has pledged shit to your orange monkey in his face. And he opened wide and tasted every bit of it and then told all his baboons that the threat of nuclear attack is over. How retarded are you trump turds? He even had to send his Secretary of State to remind Kim Jung Un about the historic deal just less thank 30 days after historic meeting. Your orange monkey has been played again. MAGA hahaha
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    @xectms, tell that to the million of childrens who were killed under the Nazis because they had mental illnesses. Its called eugenics! Democrats support this policy through eugenics now called planned parenthood.
  • @Reaper

    When I child is killed by a surgical blade. We don't say anyone who wields a surgical blade will invariably wind up killing children, do we? You're drawing lines between things that do not have a causal relationship.

    Yes, I have heard of Eugenics. It has more to do with believing in eugenics than who is paying the bill. Socialized medicine (yes, socialized) does not turn people into mass murdering, maniacal Nazi's. It's a good and riveting story but, ultimately, based on flawed logic.
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