The island nations which emerged from the region commonly known as Micronesia which was a ward of the United Nations under trusteeship mandate granted the United States of America may be in a position of strength to negotiate for greater economic benefits and recognition from the USA than ever before. Before you shoot down this idea as crazy, let us turn to current world events and the policies of the major countries which have an interest in the Pacific Ocean. If the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Belau, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands join forces and start making waves, there is a very likely possibility the USA will pay attention


  • Please read the article "Why The Pacific Matters" in the Pacific Island Times. Please Google Pacific Island Times because I do not know how to copy the link and post it here in the device I am using.
  • The only thing in the way to make this idea bare fruit is the compact of free association with the united states. To end the compact as amended, it is stated that the united is committed to assist the region even if the compact is terminated by each COFA states meaning a new set of agreement can be renegotiated, the term " free to associated with any other nation is the thing that differentiated each and divide the COFA from becoming a one powerful unity, the free association is the issue of becoming one united micronesia
  • I think otherwise. Look at CNMI, Palau and RMI. Do you think they are weaker than the United Micronesia in this regard, the FSM? I personally think that FSM is not stronger than these three Nations or shall I say two Nations because CNMI is actually USA because of the Passport they possess. The only thing I could say that FSM leads is with our population but, when you look at areas where it shows strength, socio-economic standings, GDP's and such, you would realize that being separated is more beneficial. Mind you ROP and RMI are ahead of us in these measurable standards. This is a fact. We should seriously think about this and take appropriate measures. I said this on all our behalfs.
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    It is in fact a good question...
    For me a united nation tends to be stronger tha a divided one.Please Visit!
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  • To directly respond to this discussion, facts should be careful assessed. We are fortunate because there is evidence either for pros/cons.
  • yeah but the evident tell it all that no matter what where and when, these small land nations must stick as one to protect their interest around the globe,, take the PNA for an example?. the bread winner for the entire region..?
  • Depends on the location of those nations. Marshall Islands is doing ok because of money they get from the U.S. for being a strategic location for U.S. military interests, so is Palau. Palau though is doing better economically since they have a great location for Asian tourists. If any one of the 4 states in FSM were to separate, then you either have to have a great deal with the U.S. or some other super power who is willing to give you money in return for your islands and soul, or you gotta have the worlds most fertile waters for fisheries and a great location for tourism. Of which the FSM has, but not at a scale that will sustain a country indefinitely.
  • I think the "fragmented" Micronesia can never be brought under one political unit as was envisioned during the TTPI time. We've gone separate ways--not because of hatred among ourselves but because we all recognized our unique needs, political aspirations, cultural differences, as well as realistic realization that because of these differences, the fragmentation of Micronesia was the only way forward.

    Now, RMI, ROP and CNMI are stronger in their own ways. The four Micronesian states (Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae) could also had rejected the FSM Constitution and went their own ways. However, they chose the FSM Constitution in order to be under one nation. So that was good; that was the choice of the people. And that act of self-determination during the election was observed by the United Nations; and certified as to its accuracy. Thus the FSM nation was born.

    So there is no good reason to try to bring it back together. Each of these nations had chosen their future political destiny. We cannot go back and blame the leadership at that time; and we cannot blame the voters for the choices they made at that time.

    Each of the countries are strong and have resources to be stronger as envisioned by their early leadership who dealt with these issues. We, now, the current generation are in the best position to take what we have and move forward.

    Palau has chosen to take advantage of its closeness to the Asian tourist market. CNMI continues to receive the benefits of its being a Commonwealth. The RMI continues to offer its unique location and immense lagoons as a source of funding from the US.

    FSM has access to the richest fishing ground in the world. All it takes is a good leadership--or a group of leaders--who will map up the economic development of the FSM states utilizing its fishing ground and resources.

    Yes, it's difficult to see or reap the potential economic bounties from the FSM water because the FSM leadership are using the fishing revenue in ways that don't inspire the citizens. But it is there for the taking. It is hoped that in the future, the future leaders will put their heads and hearts together; and provide most of the fishing revenue to the states--so that the common everyday people will see benefits of being under one nation--as revenues as generated by the national government is spread to the states.

    In short, there is no chance for putting the "fragmented" Micronesia together under one unit. But as envisioned by the past leaders, there is nothing wrong with going our own ways but continue to work together where we can share common benefits. Just some thoughts on this nice day in Kolonia.
  • Now that the FSM Government is contemplating on renegotiating a new Compact with the United Sates, maybe it is time that we start to come up with some political options that would be best for the FSM way forward. It is true that at that time when our founding fathers from the four states (Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap and Kosrae) who negotiated the first Compact decided to go for the political status of free association with the US, they were hoping that after 15 years, the FSM would be able to stand on its own feet without any assistance from the US. We all know that this did not happen and both countries agreed to continue the Compact for another 20 years and now we have only 5 years to go until 2023 and still FSM is continuing to be more dependent on the US instead of the way around as evident by the migration of the FSM citizens to the USA. It is true that one of the main reasons the FSM is not developing the way we want like Palau and the Marshalls is due to poor leadership and the wasting of funds especially the huge amount of fishing right fees by the FSM Congress for political projects instead of real economic development projects. In short, corruption by our leaders is the main reason why the FSM is not developing. This also shows that after all these years, the FSM is still not able to stand on its two feet and also unable to govern itself. Therefore, it is prime time that we look into other political status like a territory of the US, Commonwealth or becoming a State of the US. With all the disputes the US has with China, any of the above mentioned political status will be encouraged by the US. Lets stop kidding ourselves that we are capable of governing ourselves. If we are capable, why are so many of us are migrating to the US instead of staying in the FSM? The USA is the strongest country in the world, militarily and economically and it is a promised land for everybody around the World including the FSM citizens.
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