Around the world people suffer from diseases, hunger , wars and many my world my people suffer from Freedom of Religion! I am from one of the outer island of Pohnpei, namely Nukuoro and my family and I dont have the right to exercise our freedom of worship. This is not only a concern for me and my small family but for many other people of my origin residing outside of our island country. I think our constitution is corrupted! From what i know and have heard is that our leaders , both political and traditional are not even capable of handling such matters. Lack of knowledge and lack of understanding and communication are barriers. In our previous constitution , which was recently revisited states in one area of this document that Protestant is the only church allowed on our island. The term "Protestant" was a concept that defines this uncapable leadership. Our leaders, however, has changed the term to the UCC Church of Christ, stating that this is the only church allowed on the island. This church was established back in the 1800s and is still standing as the only church on the island. I speak for many hearts and faiths, we are hurt and suffering as much as the children dying of hunger in Afirca or the people dying of war in the Middle East.


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