Moonies want Misko Beach!!

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Did you know ..

That the world renowned religious organization that boasts it's self as the creator of " World Peace" is planning to set up base in the islands. They have a keen eye on the already improved and beautified piece of real estate we all know as Misko's Beach.

Highly confidential whispers through the sakau markets alleg that this international organization is on the prawl for a home base here on Pohnpei. They have gone as far as offering free tickets to far off island-somewhere-out-there world peace convention to some key decision makers of the Pohnpei Port Authority; the authority in charge of the sea/air ports and where Misko Beach is located and a high potential site of the new moonies base! Other whispers have indicated that they are also offering monetary greasing of palms for those who are willing to expedite an acquisition of a base. A confidential figure of one hundred fourty some thousand united states money has been offered to someone for something??!!!!!!

What do you think of this one heh! They want to remove the local so they can accomodate the Korean Millionaire..


  • Misko Beach may not be such a threat given the cult has done worst; they've already reached deep into the Micronesian communities by recruiting young minds for their newest project in Hawaii aimed at "educating" the greater Micronesian islands through the High School of the Pacific. Depending on how you feel about the cult movement, they could be the best or worst thing that FSM youth need. They may very well be on the prowl to build in Pohnpei. Don't be surprised if the negotiation for Misko Beach is done under the guise of educational initiatives.
  • If I were the people involved from the Pohnpei's end of this potentially lucrative deal, I would say go for it. This certainly sounds like a once in a lifetime deal from the Blue Heavens above. It must be a miracle, considering it has a religous element. Pohnpei Port of Authority should pursue the deal with the determination like a Japanese Kamikaze pilot: GO FOR BROKE!

    Imagine all the economic and cultural spinoffs from such a religous presence on Pohnpeian soil right near its International Airport. Pretty soon the Korean Airlines would be clawing its way for flights rights into Pohnpei to sustained delivery of Reverend Moon followers and all the long term logistical requirements for the operation of this new Beacon of Christianity the Korean Way. If Reverend Moon's offer goes through, some short years down the road, there certainly are going to be Pohnpeian secretaries and accountants working for the new center. The center will become another major customer for the Pohnpeian businesses, from the handicrafters, pepper farmers, sakau brewers and Pohnpei fishermen/women.

    The potential revenue to Pohnpei from such an operation would be substantial enough to restore some of the recently laid off Pohnpei State employees. If the proposed Moon Center would be operated like a religious/educational institution like the one in Kona, HI., it would mean an institutional set similar to the College of Micronesia, employing instructors, administrators, down to security and maintenance personnel. That may be Pohnpei's answer to the dissolution of the former PATS school but on a more beneficial economic level.

    Don't get hung up with any religious differences. Reverend Moon will use his proposed Center to spread his version of the Gospel but the FSM and Pohnpeian people already are well secured in their constitutionally protected beliefs in their own versions of the Gospel. Nobody is not going to force anybody to change beliefs.

    Pohnpei should view the Moon proposal more in the context of a foreign investment proposal than a competing religious alternative. Don't be insecured in your own belief. And don't allow yourselves to lose out on potential investment simply out of ignorance or fear. We are in the 21st Century, for Pete's sake!

    In fact, it is in Pohnpei's interest for the Pohnpei Port Authority accept Mr Moon's proposal. Pohnpei should allow a local to marry one of Mr Moon's followers/officials and purchase the Misko property in her name so as to satisfy Pohnpei's requirement for local ownership of land. Then the local can convert her title as trustee to the Moon Center, allowing the Center to occupy the Misko property indefinitely for its purpose. Then everybody will live happily and prosperously ever after...
  • Taxi,

    good points but i don't think that is the case. Many local " Moonies " followers have begun to pitifully realize the after-taste of making such choices to become a " Moonie . " Recent Government employee firing and non-renewal of employee contracts have been largely premised from their religious associations with Moonies. Numerous Deacons and Wahnparohns have been stripped of their titles and Nanmwarkis have lost faithful people all because of their involvment with Moonies.

    This is the second attempt by the Moonies to penetrate Pohnpei. The first was an immediate eviction in the mid 1990s. This second approach, they came with monetary hand-outs aimed at the traditional chiefs and Nanmwarkis. They thought that was the ideal approach but this only placed the local recepients to retreat into depressive states as the larger population of christian Protestants and Catholics charged them with blasphemy and thus bringing shame to their family names.

    I don't think Pohnpei is that hungry for the riches as promised by Revenrend Moon and his followers. Pohnpeians have too large a dignity and faith in their christian endeavors to fall for such false religious cult. You may change other things, but certainly not the religion here in Pohnpei. The church (christianity) remains a strong foundation of every Pohnpeian family. The Pohnpeian christian society is one of the riches and remains as the most convincing party to its social and political system island wide.

    As for the Misko Beach property, and as we speak, the Port Authority is under scrutiny by the State Legislature over controversies relating to the recent eviction demand for the Misko Beach Resort and the brewing of a possible lawsuit against the Port by the Edwin Family (Misko Beach Resort) over unfair and outrageous commercial site lease fees to Mobil Oil and the smaller businesses within the premises. The Port Authority charges that the Misko Beach site is contradictory to the proposed State masterplan to expand the commerical dock and airport. Obviously, if Misko Beach loses the property, it would be because of the State's intent to develop and expand Pohnpei's commercial dock and airport. Certainly not to make room for the Moonies religious establishment.

    So, i think at all angles, Moonies may come, but they would be merely entering a battleground they can't envision to be victorious. Not in Pohnpei, where its social, economical and political system is deep rooted in its Christian doctrine.
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    Okay, I have to say this. What is the crap your talking about. For starters, what I hear, i totaly doubt is true. If there was in reality some deal with Moonies, realize that it would have happened through a different manner. First, if there is a Moonie connection, the Port Aurthority wouldnt use the excuse of evickting Misko Owners because they wanted to expand the port's dock. Reasons is then when its found out that it wasnt true, Misko Owners could Sue them. Also Port Aurthority is using some Law as excuse to evict them because resort doesnt seem to be of economic bennifit. Well from your gossup it seams that they are simply replacing one management of resort with another.

    Anycase, please do a better job at gossup. If there is an actual Moonie connection, please show us were the paper trail starts. Please name individuals, korean companies, and all that.

    Last, stop all this crap hatred about the Moonies. First, I personaly known Moonies in America, I even met Moons Wife. Though they have some weird beliefs, as long as they follow the laws of the countries, and dont do any illegal activitiy then no harm. By the way dont forget that many of Chuuk's Government Officials are also religous leaders, yet they are doing many things that are against Christian beliefs. Any case all this I hear about the Moonies breeds hatred, and is totaly Anti-Christian. Its interesting that most of the problems that Moonies have caused isnt so much from their members but from other Christians who hate them, which causes problems. Know I dont agree with many of Moonies Beliefs, but as fellow Chrisitans you should be loving and tolorant. If they are causing harm, as in breaking laws, then they need to be punished, but if they simply trying to spread their particular beliefs, how different is it from what they are doing than the first Missionaries who came from Boston and Hawaii, who helped distroy a lot of the old culture..

    In the end if there is problem with Moonies, then please stop the gossup and show us were the paper trail begins, give explanations of the breaking of the law. If there are members who are moonies who are breaking they law, then investigat them and charge them with a Crime.

    Its not a crime to believe in something that others doent believe in.

    Last, remember what normaly brings warfare and hatred is such behaivor. I seen likewise on this forum with viewpoints with the Filipinos. If you are tolorant and loving, and confront the problems right on. Often the problems are result of miscommunication. Anyway this is the holiday seasons, and seeing such hatred is totaly disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselfs, particuarly if you call yourself a Christian.
  • MJ

    Your right! gossips are gossips..

    But hey, 99% of the time here on Pohnpei- Gossips turn out to be true. It's a small island. The people with the information that you've talked to may be closer to you than they are to their uncles or brothers who are doing the bad deeds, You know what I mean??

    God bless- and don't use profanity on Father Hezels forum. Again!
  • Biz e,

    Its true that many times gossip is actualy true. Though if its actualy true then enough gossip and time to take some action. Realize gossip has another side effect, even if the initial gossip is true, because is goes from one person to another, there is point that even the truth is lost in the story. In the end, if initial gossip is serious, take action, instead of contining the gossip.

    If Moonies are really involved, gossip wont achieve anything, action will. Second thing concerning the affair with Misko Resort, does it directly involve the Moonie Religous Church itself, or does it reflect individuals who are also members. Any case if there is law breaking, then there needs to be justice. Though if people want to have weird beliefs, and if it doesnt break any laws and harm anyone, then leave them alone.

    To end my comments, I do hope the resort will be able to stay in business. You talk about all this need for private sector development, and there you got an example and now its ruined, unless people act.
  • This thing "biz e" must be yellow all over it....
  • Rarahni,

    I don't understand you.. would you care to elaborate more?
  • MJ
    Thanks for your input. Yes, you can count on it! I will be the first to put a damn stop to this nonesense if it ever happens on my homeland soil. I swear to GOD!
  • For some some reason, I am one of those who find this subject rather intriquing, involving as it does the heavy weight subjects of religion, culture, economic development, foreign relations and the Micsem Forum favorite topic--freedom of speech with all its various dimensions, from swearing to preaching.

    The idea that Reverend Moon's Congregation may be broaching some way of acquiring the Misko Beach Resort property in Pohnpei--(of all places!)--is just too provoking a topic to let it pass.

    I admit that unlike a lot of the posters on the topic, I am not very familiar with Mr Moon's Church nor the exact ownership arrangement of the Misko property. (I assume from the earlier postings that the property is Pohnpei State Property under Pohnpei's Port Authority's domain and being currently leased to the Misko Resort).

    I also assume that Mr Moon's Congregation or Church has some fundamentally different rituals from the usual Christian faiths/churches predominant in current FSM today that the mere mention of a possible entry of Mr Moon's Church into the islands tend to cause the usually high degree of fear or excitement commonly reserved only for the advent of a potentially deadly natural disaster.

    Maybe because I have been a fourth or fifth rate Christian all my, I always have problem understanding why the possible entry of one more established religious organization into the islands would always create sufficient alarm by a good number of our islanders. When almost on a dialy basis, both the Internet and the Blockbuster video stores have been exposing our islanders' minds, young and old, to the most horrific of ideas, from Steven Spielberg's science fictions and Mel Gibson's movies that have consistently assaulted some of the basic teachings of Christianity to the Internet's reporting of man's horrors committed against fellow him/herself, like famine in Africa or trafficking of minors for prostitution in Asia and America.

    I remember during a Chuuk ConCon, when some of the church leaders delegates to that ConCon introduced a proposal to prohibit the further introduction of religion into the islands other than ther previously established Protestant Church and Roman Catholic Church. The passion shown by the church leaders over their cherished proposal meant that they were ready to go to war over any possible objection from anybody, delegate or not, church leader or not. Their body language made it all plain for anybody to see that they considered passage of their Proposal another part of their Divine mandate.

    But there were those of us, (the "radical youths of today" as they call us), who just wanted to make sure, partly perhaps out of our obvious ignorance, that we were on the right track entrusting our faith to these gentlemen from our islands' churches.

    One of the questions we asked them to assured us of is that, if their Proposal passed, (to prohibit further introductions of different churches into the islands other than the Catholic and Protestant churches that they want the Chuukese people to keep following), and then at some later time it turns out that the Catholic and Protestant churches were in fact a MISTAKE, that the right Church for humanity was supposed to be that led by a Korean Minister say Mr Moon that has been excluded from the islands by operation of the Chuukese church leaders' constitutional proposal?

    Then how are the church leaders going to make it up to the Chuukese people for the harm done them by the leaders' mistaken (even if innocent) belief in their proposal?

    (Whoops! Let's continue next post.)
  • I had the opportunity to actually sit and listen to a supposedly key speaker of the Moonies Sect while enroute back to Pohnpei on the plane two years ago. We sat next to each other on the plane. After exchanging some friendly remarks during airborne, he asked where I was from and he was excited to know that I was from Pohnpei because he was on his way there too for a church mission. Now to make a long story short, these are some of his comments about the philosophies of the Moonies Cult that he spoke about from his very own mouth.

    - Moonies is the only righteous cult that can bring PEACE to the world. Until the whole world can follow the teachings of the Moonies doctrine, then only can there be PEACE;
    - Jesus Christ was sent to accomplish PEACE amongst the world, he died and failed his mission. Reverend Moon is here to complete that mission;
    - All Christians and followers of Jesus Christ should abolish their christian beliefs and follow Rev. Moon as he is the TRUE savior sent by GOD;
    - The christian beleif that Jesus Christ will return to claim his followers is NOT TRUE. Reverend Moon is that savior who has returned;

    Now there were far more other serious attacks on several verses of the HOLY BIBLE that he challenged and tried to convince me and the few passengers that were already listening on as his voice rose to audible levels for those in front of us, across the isle and behind us. What a madman. He concluded by giving me his business card which apparently I lost (didn't think it was important) and had the online address. You can go online and search " Moonies " and it should get you there. Read about it. Read about what they claim Reverend Moon to be.

    I understand the Moonies Sect was banned from several United States Territories, Japan, China, Korea (Rev. Moon's hometown), Australia just to name a few. Its amazing what this so called Moonies congregation proclaims itself to be. Visit their site online and make your own judgement.

    Until then, I think this is amongst the many reasons why christians all over the world resents this Moonies Sect.
  • Prince,

    Thank you again for your enlightening addition on the Moon congregation or prophesy as explained to you by that follower on the plane. You've been most helpful/informative, moving the discussions along with information and ideas, like on this Moon Subject and the Pohnpei Governor Impeachment discussion. Please keep the discussions going...

    Regarding the Moon Church Discussion, like I said, I, like perhaps a few of our islanders, have never had the chance of meeting any of those Moonie preachers or followers to understand what their Faith/Congregation preaches. The only knowledge I had of Mr Moon's Preaching was a couple of years back on televesion when some preople reported his prediction that the world was going to go vanishing with the Old Millennium at the end of the year 2000, or something to that effect. And when I saw him again on tv administering the matrimonial sacrament to about 100 newly wed couples in a stadium somewhere.

    Your version of what that follower shared with you on the plane helps some of us understand or confirm that Mr Moon's Church is quite different in some of its teachings than what most islanders are taught from their usual churches in the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths. That is the challenge of religous diversity--too many teachings for the individual to sort out. I guess a lot of us will just have to pray harder that the Holy Spirit reinforces our respective personal faiths to be able to know the differences.

    WHICH brings us back to a continued discussion on the example of that Chuukese ConCon proposal from some of our local preachers, if you don't mind continuing the discussion.

    During hearing on the Proposal, fortunately, at least from my individual point of view, His Excellency, the Caroline's Bishop, was able to attend the hearing. His Excellency's testimony on the Proposal was a very reassuring testament, not only on the depth of the Bishop's faith and understanding in his own Church's faith, but also his broadminded and balanced view and tolerance as a leader of his Church toward the competing teachings from the other churches. (Other teachers/preachers from the other Church in the islands, i.e. Jeovah Witnesses, Mormons, Protestants, Catholics were also present during the hearings.)

    If I remembered correctly, he said something like: "Government regulation or involvement in the question of a person's faith is always an uncomfortable idea....because the matter of faith is really, in the final analysis, is a private matter between the individual and the Lord. How that individual conducts his or her life according to his or her faith is known only between him and God...(not even his spouse or members of his family or his Wahnparon or Deacon)!!!

    The Bishop's testimony always stayed with me for quite a long time because, surprisingly for an ignorant sinner like me, I fully, totally agreed with it, and it just deepened my faith in the enlightened view of Faith.

    I felt so relieved and reassured, even proud of His Excellency's remarks, I almost put in a motion right there to make him a Delegate to the Chuuk ConCon and to expel those terrible delegates/wahnparons who introduced the awful Proposal in the first place.

    (Let me stop here before I foul up the discussion again.)
  • Hence the Lord warns us of false teachings:

    Galatians 5:7-10:
    7 You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth? 8 It certainly isn’t God, for he is the one who called you to freedom. 9 This false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough! 10 I am trusting the Lord to keep you from believing false teachings. God will judge that person, whoever he is, who has been confusing you.

    1 Timothy: 1-5:

    1 This letter is from Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus, appointed by the command of God our Savior and Christ Jesus, who gives us hope.

    2 I am writing to Timothy, my true son in the faith.

    May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace, mercy, and peace.

    Warnings against False Teachings

    3 When I left for Macedonia, I urged you to stay there in Ephesus and stop those whose teaching is contrary to the truth. 4 Don’t let them waste their time in endless discussion of myths and spiritual pedigrees. These things only lead to meaningless speculations,[a] which don’t help people live a life of faith in God.[b]

    5 The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.

    Should I add more?
  • Oh, hooo! Am I in trouble here?
  • And just out of curiousity, Vicky Banson, are you quoting from a different Bible? How come it always has the name in reverse: Christ Jesus? Isn't it supposed to be Jesus Christ?

    Please pardon my ignorance. I'm just confused, maybe from being lost for so long.
  • I started this discussion so that I can get some feed back on the possiblity or if I can get some additional information to proof any truth to the gossips I was hearing about the moonies wanting to use Misko beach.

    I am the initiator and captain of this discussion, so, I will have to steer everyone away from commenting negatively on any religious beliefs. This is not the issue at hand.

    Let's get back to the gossip of the moonies interest in Misko beach..
  • I thought Misko Beach, from the start, was a controversy which is clearly in violation of the FAA rules, as far as airstrip was concerned. Putting every rumors or gossips angles aside, the location of Misko B,each is simply too close to the run-way on Dekehtik Airport, and thus was instructed way back to be relocated. Additionally, I believed the island itself belonged to the Etcheit Family and Pohnpei State Government violated its agreement with the family by sneaking in commercial businesses like the Misko Beach and the Harbor View Hotel (aka China Star Hotel or whatever the name is). I believed these two businesses are a thorn in the ribs of PPA, ever since.

    Then we have the political hooplahs which complicated matters with so many under-the-table deals where individuals in power are anxious to get rich fast. Now the port cannot expand and every other port, shipping and aviation services are at limpos because of these businesses which are obviously misplaced. It seems the only option would be for the government to avail other places like the right side of the causeway or somewhere else where these two businesses could be relocated to. Then the question would be the costs of relocations.

    Isn't it ironic that we kept voting people in offices who just wanted to suck the public of their rightful benefits which are being channeled into some offshore banking? One need to just clam down on the misplaced businesses on the port and remove them because the port needed to be expanded.
  • Thank you hidzite,

    To clarify the issue of safety, according to the U.S FAA and supported by our own office of TC&I - there is no safety hazard or issure regarding the proximity of the mikso resort to the airport. let's lay that to rest now..

    As for your advise on relocation of the businesses, I think this will be the best scenario. I think the government should provide these two businesses an alternate site to continue their businesses, for example the Botanical Gardens up in Kolonia would be an ideal location for hotels and such. And also compensate these businesses to cover the costs incurred.

    And as far as PPA is concerned, Yes these guys are being bribed, causing them to sway away from the real problem solving, instead they're compounding the problem by "fly-by-night" tactics (Chairman of the Board of PPA Estbon Sandiego-frequents the moonies off-island conventions) to get rich before their term ends in November. Or can it be earlier, with the impeachment of the Governor and all...

    what do you think..
  • Cousin biz-e

    When you called me hidzite, instead of hindzite, it meant I'm looking through the hidden hole from behind. Lol. Anyway, thanks for clearing up the issue on the distance, because I often wondered about L.A. airport where we taxi over the street below at one segment of the airstrip.

    Anyway, my feel on the Botanical Garden is a world class museum for Pohnpei where the Japanese structure could be renovated with (let's fantasize a bit here) Japanese Humanitarian funds and we fill it with Pohnpeian artifacts from the past to the present time. The museum itself would be big and possibly two or three stories high, and fills with all kinds of stuff. It will be a main tourist attraction, not to mention the public and the schools. We have so much to offer in terms of museum displays and projects to replicate the old traditional working tools, weaponry and etcc which have not been looked into. The public library could easily be made part of it... and the general environment converted into the agro-forestry which is something of the past in Pohnpei, according to latest information from the archive folks.

    The strip of reef on the eastside of the causeway is more then enough to accomodate both hotels if they could cough-up the money for refill and scaping with probably Net government factor into the equation. Why, it could even accomodate the Moonies if they want to. Three football field could easily fit into that area if and when a massive landfill could be made possible in that general area. Everyone will be happier and the port could then be expanded. Should we vote in Pangelinan to make this happen then? Just a thought.
  • Hindzite,

    Be careful with environmental degradation that could ruin the beauty of the area you are referring to. It could also affect the surrounding areas as the course of currents will change and thus deprive the sustenance of marine life living within the zone. The long term effect will eventually realized after the marine life migrates to deeper water or virtually extinct. Ask Willy Kostka first to do some study. Or the local fisherman will be the best source of knowledge before erecting the Moonies' statue there.
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    Kalahngan to all,

    I think we are heading in the right direction, that I had intended this discussion to head.

    We definitely don't want to ruin the eco-system, and we certainly don't want to displace some other entity to accomodate others.. well taken.

    If there are decision makers reading this, please take note of the possiblities here- You don't have to make such a drastic decision that displaces the local businesses just to accomodate other foreign iterests. I suggest other forumers to give us more input as to a viable relocation site for the two business in the Transportation Zone.

    I know for a fact that the key members of the government and PPA are tuning in to this forum and if we, citizens, at least voice our constructive criticism or input on this medim, I think this may add some positive results to some potentially positive decision making.

  • I always thought it would be a better idea to relocate the airport and the dump site from Dekehtik island. I also think the sewer plant at Kepinle is too close to the shore and something has to be done with their current disposal of sewage waste into the Dekehtik harbor. Even if they claim that the waste had already undergone treatment prior to the flush out into the ocean.

    In my view, they can keep the harbor on the site but the airport has to go. FAA has concerns not only on Misko's establishment but on the slow sinking south portion of the airstrip runway. It is said to be sinking one inch per year. Two years ago, FAA personnel flew in to aide PPA in resurfacing the sinking area. Its back to normal, but it will continue to sink again as the years progress. This is a result of land filling on what was once an ocean and that portion facing south is against sea current. Any plans to further expand the airstrip will be impossible as it would mean further land filling into the ocan and against ocean currents.

    During Del Pangelinan's term as Governor, he proposed for an international airport up in the vast field area of Pohnlangas, Madolenihmw. That never materialized, instead it was converted into a chinese experimental farm. The dump-site was proposed to be relocated to Soundou, Palikir. That too did not come through as the plan was faced with much protests from Palikir villagers as the site was too close to the mangroves and the fear of destroying marine life was a high concern from the villagers.

    I think we still can relocate the airport to Pohnlangas as proposed and remove the chinese farm as nobody has really learned what the benefits of this farm to the State are. The dump site? we should relocate inlands and as far away from sea and rivers as possible. Palikir is too far for residence in Kolonia to be driving to, to dispose trash considering high cost of fuel these days. Besides, I think each Municpal should have their own dump site rather than sharing a major one that could cost major landfilling and major, major, and i repeat major ground excavation and accumulation of filth only to give birth to flies, mosquitoes and all them nasty little creatures, not to mention a major pollution to fresh air.

    Dekehtik if properly cleaned up could serve as a complete commercial harbor not just for the major shipping lines but maybe for smaller private motor boats as well. Just my penny's worth on the matter.
  • Okay, all these rumors is getting too old! I know for a fact that there is more than one FSM CITIZEN working at that school. Why not approach them ask them the truth, instead of spreading rumors. There are dedicated Catholics that are working for the school, I find it hard to believe that they would help promote another religion in the islands… please stop the rumors!!!
  • Everyone,

    If the state of Pohnpei was serious about it's development plans and current drive towards it I personally think that the PPA is correct to evict whom ever is not in compliance to the zoning plan set forth. This area is ermarked for a transportation zone not a hotel strip. Along with Misko, the former Harbor View Hotel should also go too. As for compensating for their relocation, not a penny of my tax dollar.

    As for relocating the dump & sewer plant, why contaminate more precious land, sea and air. If you want to see a picture of what a dump is to look like in say 20 years from now, hop on a plane and go to Saipan and see their old dump site. It has a mountain of trash that is only second in height to the high rise building on the beach side stretching from north to south. With this amount of trash, the proposed airport extension for Pohnpei could be realized courtesy of your trash and time.

  • Coconut wireless,

    Firstly, I don't understand what school you refer to? Secondly, my contact with the Moonie fella on the plane was a first hand experience. Not a rumor. Although I admit that I am not well versed with the Moonies congregation but never did I make allegations to contempt their teachings, but I was merely conveying what transpired during my bried contact with the fella. In as far as the eviction of Misko Resort to make way for a Moonies establishment, I too find that kinda hard to beleive and I don't think that will ever go through.

    Stormy weather,

    Your question of " WHY CONTAMINATE MORE PRECIOUS LAND, SEA AND AIR? " is one that we all ask ourselves. However, be informed that State Legislaure has passed into law the relocation of the dump site from Dekehtik to Palikir. So, do expect further contamination of land, sea and air once that relocation materializes physically.
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    I understand your concerns about your hard earned tax money going into something that is irrelevent to advancement of the local economy..

    My point to sum it up: The government (PLA) leased a piece of land that was swamp (naniak) to Misko Edwin. She landfilled this swamp land and built her business on this improved land that she had paid for herself. The legislature back then (1992) created a the Transportation Zone law conveying all lands in Dekehtik to the new PPA. If the government had a problem with Misko being there in the first place, why did they re-new her lease in 1995? better yet why did they allow a lease of this area to begin with? And if the government now realizes that they had made a mistake in leasing to Misko, Why didn't they advise her not to keep building on this land?
    This is just summarizing what I had gathered from my own inquiries into this government debacle. I think the government should fix their own problem; whether it be compensating the lessee with money for what she had spent, or exchanging a piece of land anywhere on this island, I trully think that the government should do something to expedite the resolution to this problem. If not, then the Edwin family sues for a significant amount that would substantially effect all financial aspects of Pohnpei State Government.
  • Hey Biz,
    Suppose you leased a piece of land that was mine and the lease terms expired what do you think will happen if I did not re-new? And do you think I owe you something for not renewing the lease agreement. In the case of this MISKO-PPA issue and might I add that the gov't has had it's row over PPA issues between the PNI lawmakers & enforcers, I would think that the issue might be weighted as what will benefit the public best, as in say emminent domain (?).

    If I am correct, the PNI gov't has attempted or has secured money from a donor(s) to finance the relocation of the dump and for PUC to move in their new power generation and sewer treatment plant there. They also have already made assessments for the expansion of the airport/seaport as well. State laws were passed as major capital imporvement projects for the state in line with the proported "high-growth scenario" economic plan set by the nat'l gov't. All these dubbed in the interest of the greater populace-public. And in all these plans I dont think the Misko Beach was included. But on the other hand, I saw on TV the floor leader of the PNI Legislature blasting the PPA about the eviction of MISKO. And you guessed it correctly they created the law that the PPA has to abide by.

    Even I have to admit that this sound quite bullish but then how can this be resolved say in a win-win scenario could the parable of the orange work in this case?
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    There is a provision in the PPA law that allows for complimentary services in the zone. Mikso beach is definitely complimenting the sea and air ports with lodging and food and beverage services.

    As for PPA not renewing a lease that it has all authority over- Maybe so.. But what the issue here is all about is, Will the government correct it's mistake of leasing to Misko, when it is now realized by all that the lease was illegal to begin with.. All I'm saying is if the government won't compensate Misko so she can remove her business to an alternate site and start up again, then a strong message is being send by the government that, to me, seems harsh on the private sector..

    My take.. Would you say it's fair, that when PPA sends an eviction notice to any of it's tenant, that a proper negotiation take precedence. From what I have gathered, the PPA notified Misko to vacate the premises, that she had spend her own money to built, within a thirty day period- they gave her no alternate option: by negotiations or any other positive means that are considerate of the fact of her improvements to this Naniak- Now, how is that fair ? or possible.. That the government leans towards a high growth scenario( which prioritizes the Tourism sector, Fisheries etc..) and at the same time go out of it's way to destroy one of it's own locally owned and private tourism businesses.

    I don't know.. Apples and Oranges? I can diffrentiate but this fiasco- I'm having a hard time digesting.
  • And the key word/phrase you mentioned is complimentary. Is Misko Beach complimenting to the development of the Airport/Seaport? Further defining complimentary, that Misko is complimenting to the operations of the transportation zone within the confines of the rules. Are they or are they not? Point in fact that is an analogy to this same subject, some time ago, when the Public Utilities Corp (PUC) was expanding it power distributions and getting new generators for the improvement of the power system on island, the present site in Nanpohmal was occupied by people who built homes and as well the gov't build the small community a basketball court. The families were evicted, their homes and the basketball court were demolished to accomodate the state's plan to expand the power source. Were the families compensated, I dont know. But the point being stressed is that this area belongs to the people via the gov't that was needed to serve the public's interest.

    Most lease agreements do cover terms when leases expire and what becomes of the assets, normally depending on the set contract might be bought by the lessor, otherwise it becomes a property of the lessor. If the lease as you claim was illegal to begin with, then I think that you just solved all the fuss of what this is all about.

    By the way, the orange parable is about 2 ladies agruing over the last orange left on the shelf in a market store. After all the fuss they went to court for alleged crimes against one another. When asked of their need of the orange, one lady was to bake orange cake and needed the skin of the orange, the other was to make juice and needed the inner part of the orange. To cut short, they ended up sharing the cost of the orange and each ones need was met one taking the skin while the other the meat. Could this happen in this sceneario between Misko & PPA? My personal opinion, quite impossible, PPA will set a precedence thus bankrupting itself and the gov't. Future tenants will seek compensation for business lost at the concession stands cubicle withing the airport terminal when they lose their bid to continue their lease. Why then is MISKO Beach an exception from everyone else?
  • Nahn Moses,

    Do you really believe any of the nonesense your talking about on this particular issue?

    Go get your facts straight and then comeback!

    The land in question was filled in by Misko with her own money- Somewhere around 3million was spent on the filling alone. Add this to the structures your looking at around 6 million. Factor in if the government loses their case in court, Misko will sue for lost of business for her potentially renewable lease of 55 years. This will add up to a substantial amount that the government will be significantly effected by..

    All I'm putting out there is, there can me a better solution to this than an eviction without compensation- in the interest of the government and in part the whole community.

    As for the other tenants comparable to Misko's case. Totally different. These tenants in the airport are using structure built by PPA. Misko is on a piece of property that she had leased from the PLA not the PPA. The legislature created the PPA sometime back (After the lease was given to Misko by PLA) and unilaterally moved misko's lease to the PPA. The key word here is unilaterally! They did not have a hearing of any sort to allow the Misko party to have any say in this move. This is what the government should look at and correct.

    As for your un-informed comments on here, I highly suggest you suspend it until you inform yourself better on the subject matter.

    With all due respect, Mo, Kalahngan.
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