MAGA: 213,000 Jobs Created Under Trump In June 2018


213,000 jobs were added to the economy last month under President Trumps stewardship of the economy. 135,000 was the number expected to be added. So far in 600,000 jobs have been added and created since the the beginning of this year. 3,600,000 have been created since Trump took office.

Despite fear mongering from liberals on trade war with china and Supposed allies who take advantage of the US and retaliatory tarrifs from china and our so called allies, the economy is going up, jobs are being added and the unemployment rate is now at 4%.

All because Americans and Investors and companies feel confident to invest and create job under the President liberals said would destroy the US economy.


  • More Jobs in the US than there are unemployment!!!!

    From the Atlantic: This morning, the Labor Department announced that the national unemployment rate ticked up to 4 percent in June for good reasons, as hundreds of thousands more Americans sought work. For the first time in recorded history, the number of job openings is higher than the number of people looking for a job. That has raised hopes that wage growth might finally begin to pick up, with employers bidding more to attract new workers and offering raises to retain their existing staff.

    Full employment — that magical economic state, in which everyone who wants work has it, and at a good wage too — finally seems to be near. In much of Iowa, it already is. Out of every 100 people who want a job, 98 or 99 have one. The rate of wage growth has doubled of late, and businesses are scrambling to find workers. “It does feel like things are a little different in the last year,” Elisabeth Buck, the president of the United Way of Central Iowa, told me. “Businesses are getting a little desperate.”
  • Now my socialists friends from the left, go out and get a job.
  • 213,000 is nothing fool. Black mamba was creating 600 thousand a month. Sit your trump turd Russian collusion ass Clown down.
  • @redsnapper, job created under obama were 100,000 each months not 600,000 like you claimed. Under obamas first year in office 3.4 million jobs were lost. Under Trumps first year in office 2 million jobs were created. Trumps job growth is breaking the expectation. Last month 100 thousand jobs was the expected number but 200 thousand were created. In may 100 thousand was also the expected number but 300 thousand were created. Obamas bimonthly job growth was average while Trump is exceed expectation. Obama got a B grade while Trump a A.
  • Now redsnapper go out and get a job.

  • Delusional trump turd. How old are you? Republicans handed black mamba their recession. Let me know if you want an explanation of that word. Massive loss of jobs because of it. Putins bitch trump is enjoying the fruit of black mambas work. But he’s about to put us all back into a recession with trade wars and threats of war and just plain stupidity.
  • Oh look someone pulled out Bush out of his arse to cover up Obama's sort giving in losing 3,000,000 jobs under 6 months of his first year in office. wars on the wind yet jobs and economy keeps getting good. Another hahaha
  • I now know what all you trump turds share with your orange sphincter...the stupid gene. Ignorant to history and facts. Alternate facts and rewriting history as you make your retared points. About the Arse? Tell me you are now an Aussie? If you are then you are one retarded bloke or sheila. Hahaha. Fair dinkum. How’s that for calling you a fake micro Aussie?
  • Snowflakes are the ones who are rewriting history. For example 600,000 jobs a month for obama. Hehehe. Pulling out Bush out of his arse to blame obama for losing 3 million jobs in 6 months of first year in office. Hehe
  • Let's play a game:

    I am a slave to political dogma. I am a closed minded ideologue who leaves no room for anything resembling compromise. If you believe any different from what I believe, you are wrong and not worth my time. I am all knowing. I am always right. I prefer flinging crap out of a spoon like a monkey at the zoo over civil discourse. I frequently correct history scholars, economy scholars, political science scholars, religious scholars... you name it, and I'll reply with "Fake ...." I am the only accurate source of information. Again, I am all knowing. The current political climate is one resembling WWI trench warfare, but, I AM NOT PART OF THAT PROBLEM. While I'm at it I might as well confirm it... my shits and farts smell like roses.

    Who am i?
  • Let me get i am a liberal therefore im always correct for 1,000 please @xectms.
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