"Polynesians taught navigation to us".

My younger cousin who's in the marines(mos-engineer (not entirely sure)).Traveled to Hawaii with his "battle buds".They stayed at Honolulu for a couple of days.As he went out to go shopping. He came across Some Samoan alongside a Hawaiian "native" they gave him a aloha spirit of hospitality as they saw that he was wearing his marine cap.Also Showed them proof of his military service(cac card).long convo pursues about military, life and other things blah blah blah.All well in done. Until moments later he told that he's of micronesian decent.The atmosphere dimmed tremendously.One ask "oh really?" "Where from".RMI he replied.They spoke Polynesian as my cousin couldn't understand what they were saying."Yes we know where that is our ancestors came there and conquered your lands.The Marshallese navigation is from Polynesian navigators".Strucked by what he heard.He laughed and told them."I don't think so,well I gotta go it's nice meeting you fellas" as he walked away.

These dudes then followed him and wanted to talk more.Cousin obliged as he gave an extensive history and mythology of where Marshallese navigation came from. "Never in our oral history did any Polynesian came to our lands to teach us navigation".The convo went off cliff as they became somewhat offended to what they heard.''Bulls#%t'' one said.As tension rises.Mind you these men were older and much ''heavy'' in appearance.Though my cousin isn't one for violence despite being a marine himself trained to take life he didn't swing a single punch but simply walked away.''I don't know what they teach you in Polynesia but i'm going to disagree.cya dudes aloha.'' as he left the men became more angry spewing out remarks such as ''ur history is shit and your cultures are from Polynesia!'' ''fking nuclear roaches!'' ''cheehoo!(weird chant)'' ''Micronesia is sht!''.He called me the next day to discuss what went down. Since then he feels like he's being ''stalked''.

idk what to make of this.Is that what they truly teach over there? Wasn't Polynesian navigation long gone until one Micronesian super hero who came from a place where it still thrives, to save it? Straight off the bat I'm not racist or anything and wouldn't fight back the Polynesian community because of this. Reason why I'd choose to display it in a forum is to get answers on certain things. I truly believe all people and cultures are wonderful. Just shocking to me to witness such racism that happened to a blooded family member. What did we ever do to these people? This is a fine example of why the human race is failing. I hope racism ends soon. If not.The end of humanity won't be a pretty sight.


  • @Reaper @Junair/ You guys are better historians of Marshall than I. From the extent of my knowledge. Didn't the navigation appear in Namdik by an old woman with two adult sons whom they taught both the Ralik&Ratak chains? Isn't there also a mythology element behind this as well?. In addition our oral stories doesn't state such things as Polynesians teaching us wayfinding of their techniques to be passed down to the people of RMI. Last I studied the only time we met Polynesians were with the Hawaiians when it was our navigators that traveled there and made trade. And just that. I need the all info I could get to better understand. Jouj im kommol.
  • The Army has the battle buddy system not the Marines.
  • @Pawns/Alrighty then.The marines must refer to themselves as "Teufel Hunden"(German for devil dogs).I'm no military fan nor expert but I reckon it's along that line.
  • The last place to be settled in Oceania is Polynesia. Melanesia got settled first then Micronesia last is Polynesia. Micronesia and Polynesia used the same navigation methods but the people of Polynesia forgot theirs due to colonialism. The biggest factor and reason why Polynesians lost their navigation is because people from bigger islands with more lands have no reason to look for new lands. Look at Pohnpei and Kosrae and the Main islands of Chuuk. Navigation is practiced by the low islanders who were always on the look out for new lands. Outer islands of Yap and the Marshalls and Mwokilloa and pinglap are where navigation were kept. Not one micronesian or Polynesian can claim to be owner of navigation since both share the same ancestors and roots to navigation.
  • I believe Polynesians are the first navigator because from I am from , Nukuoro, is an outlier of Pohnpei, Micronesia, .. Our roots, language and culture are all Polynesian! I don't even know why we became part of Micronesia! I believe this came about because some Polynesian decided to inhabit the Micronesia or any other places in the Pacific! Polynesians are the true navigators.
  • @Reaper/It's a tragic what colonialism can do to us natives.An alien culture of powerful might stripping away the traditions of indiginous people.Aet agreed I just don't get why there are those who say one is better than other or falsely claiming things that aren't there's.Just don't want people replacing our history and say it belongs to them ya know?.

    @Yuchleop/Hey bud.I've replied to your discussion.Go check it out.
  • The colonizers also didn't want the micronesians leaving the colonized islands, because they would be short of laborers/ manpower for their many projects and trades. So they made "laws" restricting canoe voyages from leaving the islands where labor was needed.
  • more interesting than trump issues...keep this thread up
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