This forum lacks science

What this forum needs is a good flow of scientific topics to start a worthy discussion.Ranging from articles to news about anything science.Surely I'm not the only one who's interested in this I?.

Who doesn't love science?.....


  • From now on I'll start posting anything that has to do with Science.Beginning with Climate change.One major issue that our Isand nations faces.
  • Good luck. I would do the same but Admin banned me from posting any new topics. Admin doesn't like factual news articles.
  • Who and where are the admins? As conditions of this forum becomes worse.We've got political turmoil from both sides raging war,A one man athiest army(myself) against the holy crusades,Scam posts,and other topics unworthy of discussion.

    I'll continue to post anything that's deemed suitable.Wether they ban me or not.I've got freedom of speech.Something no one can't take away from me.

    Science articles is truth.
  • The day liberals believe in science is the day hell freeze over.
  • @Pawnstar/The day Trump withdrew US(Many were against it) from the Paris climate deal, How vast majority of republicans are against science, That god must preside over this country above anything else. Is the day I lost hope for mankind.

    Our political viewpoints have made us enemies.Beneath it all we're still Micronesian brothers. Humans nonthe less.
  • The only reason Trump was against the Paris deal was the part where the US was made the major piggie bank of the deal. Many countries signed it yet the US was made the major source of money to back up the projects of the deal.
  • There you go, MrNobody905 . Another thread hijacked by trump trolls.

    As I said, good luck to you.
  • Hijacked by factual news and info as you would say.

    China, India and Russia are some of the biggest Countries with CO2 emission yet didn't contribute money to the paris climate money pot. But all 3 would dip their hand into that money.
  • Porno go away no ones buying your bull shit alternative facts. You big whining orange baby who bows down to the “I’m not preparing for my meeting with Kim jun Un”. Then gets played. You morons.
  • MAGA gave nothing but a meeting in return for north korea complying to complete denuclearization. North korea is denuclearizing. Sanctions still on, and the US just started deploying F-35 stealth fighters to US carrier in vicinity of North Korea. Carrot and stick strategy baby. And its working. As for bowing you are talking about Obama whose legacy was bowing to every foriegn leaders. Haha
  • @PawnStar

    Your insistence that the "left" this and the "right" that is confusing as science is politics neutral. Molecules and algorithms do not have political beliefs. Not everything is right/left based.
  • Tell that to the party that believe that there are 60 something genders and still have to silliness to say they are for science.
  • Don’t worry the White House lacks science too. Your not alone.
  • Actually the Trump administration believe more in science than the last administration. Under the last administration $20 billion was allocated to Science and RND. Under Trump the scientific and RND sector of the US was allocated $176 billion. Under Trump NASA is now making its mission to send back astronauts to the moon and partnering with Space X to colonize Mars. Science says a living organism or a clump of cells are living things yet liberals and democrats says a clump of a fetus is not a baby therefore not a living thing. Liberals are not the party of science they claim to be.
  • @PawnStar

    You're confusing politics for science again. "Left" and "Right" in science, are directions, not belief systems.
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