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    Nauru has decided not to participate in this game. Citing the $300,000 cost to send its players to Yap to participate in the micro games.

    For daya events visit here

    For medal count by participant countries visit here
  • Guam is going to dominate like it always does.
  • Wait...we have such a thing back home?.Wowzers I never knew.Thanks for the links GrimReaps I'll check them out.
  • guam..they're brown, we're all brown..moving..and yes, they won..congrats
  • on a serious note..Guam won..great job..and that Jonah from Nauru..he the man..

    one pohnpei dude got beaten up by palauans..not good
    one chuukese dude stab a guy from pohnpei...not good
    one chuukese dude stole ramen from YCA.....not good
    one pohnpei guy stole a pair of underwear from YCA...not good.
    one chuukese girl fought a girl from Guam and was kicked out from microgame..not good..
    some guam boys fuel up their gasoline car with diesel...not good.

    a lot of atheletes got rotavirus.....not good.

    what a microgame...lol....
  • Medal tally by Country

    1.RMI: 28 Gold,15 Silver,4 Bronze
    2.Guam: 27 Gold,12 Silver,12 Bronze
    3.Palau: 27 Gold,11 Silver,12 Bronze
    4.PNI: 15 Gold,31 Silver, 15 Bronze
    5.NMI: 9 Gold, 19 Silver, 9 Bronze
    6.Yap: 5 Gold,11 Silver,13 Bronze
    7.Chuuk: 4 Gold, 1 silver, 3 Bronze
    8.Kiribati: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
    9. Nauru: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
    10.Kosrae: 0 Gold, 4 Silver, 9 Bronze
  • ok, so I was wrong about Guam.. maybe I just like those beautiful Guam girls.
  • They should rename it the Guam-Palau-RMI Games. These are the 3 countries in the Micro games that always put up and show up and try to out perform each other. Sometime PNI try to keep up but can't. The main events in the Micro games are Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting & Wrestling and these 3 are always neck to neck in each event.
  • Palau just overtook the RMI and took first and now RMI is 2nd while Guam is 3rd followed Pohnpei. Mens volleyball is now taking place.
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    Congratz to team Chuuk, they won the Gold in the men's volleyball. Save the best for last. Aaaaahhhuuuu!!!!
  • Job well done, boys. Time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
  • Palau got the silver, what about the other 2...Guam and RMI? Sorry guys, you can stick with your canoe paddling and coconut husking...lol
  • Yeah I don't think The ancient Greeks permitted manners such as rubbing it into people's face after each game.Where did "Sportmanship" came from? Ya guessed it.

    It's not about who's best at what but rather more of a unity where our countries participate in something like this to have a great time.We are one.
  • Countries with most gold medal

    1. Palau-32
  • Palau won 32 gold medals, 17 silvers and 20 bronze, amassing 69 total.

    Guam and the Marshall Islands tied with 29 gold medals each, but the nod for second place went to the Marshalls as it earned 17 silver medals to Guam's 12.

    The Marshalls had six bronze medals to Guam's 12, and Guam had 53 overall medals to the Marshalls' 52.

    Pohnpei earned the most total medals with 70: 18 gold, 33 silver and 19 bronze.

    Palau earned the bulk of its gold medals on the wrestling mat, as its grapplers pulled in 11 golds. Palau also earned several in table tennis, swimming and athletics.

    The Marshalls were dominant in weightlifting, and its team won an astounding 26 gold medals in that sport. They also won two golds in wrestling and one in athletics.

    The Marshalls will host the next Games in 2022, according to a Facebook post on the official page of the Office of the President for the Marshalls.

    "Proud to announce the Marshall Islands will host the Micronesian Games in 2022,. Major opportunity for us as a country to use this to promote healthier lifestyles and fitness, especially for our young people," read the post.

  • It all comes down to Gold and Silver and who got the most. Nauru only send 1 player and still beat Kosrae. I guess the sleeping lady is still sleeping.
  • your wrong, check the latest tally...
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  • @Coraleel/Yeah I've heard.Theres efforts being made to tackle this problem.The current president of Marshall already stated she and her administration will take action.You've been going on about for the last couple of days.Do something about it.Become a politician and voice your message.Help those who are against corruption.
  • @coraleei....why edit your post. now i'm curious. who knows, I might back you up.
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