US Ambassador to FSM Talked about consequences for Chuuk Separation

In front of a huge crowd of about 400 people in the Chuuk High School Gym, on July 18, 2018 on Weno, the US Ambassador to the FSM Robert Riley talked about the consequences if Chuuk decides to be separated from the FSM. These consequences include (1) the Chuuk State citizens will no longer be able to go to the US without a visa, (2) will no longer be able to live and work in the US, (3) those Chuukese living in the US will be sent back to Chuuk, (4) US financial assistance will no longer be available, (5) US agencies in Chuuk will move out, (6) Chuuk will not get anything from the Trust Fund, (6) no new Compact Agreement for Chuuk, (7) services provided from the US Coast Guard for search and rescue will no longer be available, (8) no disaster assistance will be provided, (9) if Chuuk is attacked by a foreign country, the US will not come to its rescue, After the opening remarks by the Ambassador, during question and answer session, Tatashy Wainit, a member of the Chuuk Separation Commission was the first one to make comments and asked questions. Mr. Wainit started by requesting the Ambassador to request the US Government to please give one more Compact Agreement with Chuuk despite the fact that the Ambassador already stated earlier that the US Government will not negotiate a new Compact Agreement with Chuuk State. Mr. Wainit continued by citing the words of previous US officials to show why the US should support the independent movement for Chuuk but the Ambassador was not conviced. Mr. Wainit was followed by Mr. Johnny Meipen another member of the Independent Movement who insulted the Ambassador by questioning why he is in Chuuk after all these years and his suspicion regarding the timing of his visit. He went on by bragging about his qualification as a lawyer, his thorough understanding of the Compact and his disappointment for the US Ambassador's visit. Clearly, after listening to Wainit and Meipen, it is certain that these two gentlemen are pushing for Chuuk's separation. These two gentlemen were followed by lawyer/CEO Kembo Mida and Jack Fritz who warned the Chuukese people to make sure that they fully understand the separation issue first before making a decision. Mida said that the separation commission failed to do a thorough research on the issue before bringing it to the Chuukese people to decide. There were other speakers that followed, but the unfortunate one was the last one who fainted by the podium and was carried out by the audience without completing his comments. In my opinion, the presentation by the Ambassador went very well and was well understood by the people who attended meeting.


  • "If" it was all full of ifs.
  • Thanks for your report, noname. I hope the person who fainted is okay now.
  • Kembo and Fritz are pillars of the Chuuk community and it was a smart move on their part to be present to assist the Ambassador in conveying the facts. Thats democracy for the people.
  • Perhaps, the Chuukese that are in full support of the move should initiate dialogues with other Neighboring Nations that may be able to come to Chuuk's rescue. I am sure there are couple of Aces somewhere that could rush to Chuuk for support and Assistance.
  • Russia if you’re listening. Please return my balls. Sincerely DTrump the Chump
  • The Compact can always be renegotiated. Chuuk can have her own compact if she plays hardball. Remember the US is now focusing on China. Therein lay the chances of a separate room within the hotel that is called COFA.
  • See that is what I meant. This is not the end of the World and our islands have had long experience having other Nations coming in and taking care of us. I am sure that if Chuuk really goes their way, China or even Russia would be interested in adopting Chuuk as their allied partner which would force the USA to allow Chuuk to negotiate the separate Compact they are going after.
  • Brilliant! We ask Putin to adopt Chuuk into the Russian Federation. Then we call his best friend Donald to help arrange a meeting. Finally, we share a bottle of Russian vodka to celebrate our "independence."
  • It is true that other countries like China can come in to assist Chuuk. But China would like something in return and that something may not to our liking. Remember, China is a communist country and has a terrible human rights record in religion, assembly, press, and other freedoms that Chuuk is enjoying today. Is this what we want?
  • Instead of leaving the Federation why not change the Federation. Why can't the States step up and force FSM leadership to change their attitude towards the States. After all, the States do elect the leaders at FSM. We have an election coming up in March. This is our time to force the issue with our elected leaders. The four state leaders need to come together and endorse a united plan to change the FSM. But the problem is we just keep complaining and complaining but keep electing the same people election after election. The attitude that the FSM has is that when it is election time they want to be part of the States, but after the elections they start behaving as if they are a separate entity only for themselves. I totally agree with Chuuk's frustrations and I know that all the other states share the same sentiments but our biggest weakness is that we only talk but lack the political will to make changes with our leadership. I would say that unless our leadership change their attitude towards the States we will continue to have these issues. Here is my advise on this. Let Chuuk stay but change your leadership both at National and State level. You need to elect people who has the Heart for the people. This may be easier because it happens every two to four years. If chuuck leaves they will need the other states's endorsement which I think they would be glad to do. But then to negotiate another compact with the US could take years. Look at Palau. they just got their fund this year. Good thing they had the local resources to sustain their services. If we elect real leaders who can truly represent the people rather than "projects" I think we can change. Most of the leaders we put in office these days usually change their stance on issues after elections. Before the elections they would put people first but after the elections are over it's all about themselves and what they want. If I were a chuukese I would change your leadership first before even trying to change something that is almost impossible. You have capable leadership in Chuuk who cares deeply, you just have to find them. If you become an independent republic with the same leadership characters I think you would be much worst. So, stay but be strong enough to change your leadership because they created all the mess we are in today.
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