Socialist Medicine (National Healthcare) Sentence Baby Olover To Death, Capitalism Saves Baby Oliver

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REMEMBER Baby Oliver? That baby that was born into a country (Britain) that has socialize healthcare or universal healthcare? Baby Oliver was condemned to death by the national healthcare system of Britain because they deemed the baby beyond saving. NHS, the socialize healthcare of Britain wanted the baby to die with dignity. Whatever the fuck that means.

The Parents of baby oliver wanted to take him to Italy to have the surgery to save him but socialized healthcare said No, we own the baby, we know whats good for him, and he cant be saved so let him die with dignity. The Parents raised enough money and the media was involved and because of the bad press the NHS was getting they allowed the baby to fly out of the socialize healthcare country.

The baby flew to the US which have a capitalistic or free enterprise healthcare system which saved the baby that a socialist healthcare system said couldn't be saved. Baby Oliver was saved in Boston Children hospital in the United States.

The same healthcare system that the democrats are fighting to install in the US is the same system that condemned the baby to death because it was deemed a waste of money and resources to save someone who can't be saved. The same Socialist healthcare that Nazi Germany had the Democrats are trying to install in America.

If socialize healthcare is install in America all those micronesians who have kidney problem and advanced stages of cancers will all be condemned to die with dignity like baby Oliver.

Funny thing is the capitalistic healthcare system saved the baby whereas the socialize healthcare system couldn't. The system the democrats are fighting to install said the baby couldn't be saved. The system the republicans are for saved the baby.


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