Which state in FSM has the UGLIEST governor? Lol


  • Not a worthy discussion to start my friend. Calling someone ugly will always cause trouble. Many do it for a good reason. Despite what our fellow politicians stand by or what they do they should all be respected still as fellow humans.
  • narrow mindedasshole....
  • Bardon me my good friends in this forum. I heard a rumor that the Chuuk State Governor has been indicted. is it true? Like I said, its just a hearsay and It would be good to know the fact and put a stop to it if it is not a valid information.
  • Ugliest face or ugliest behavior or ugliest nature? Wtf are you asking militurd?
  • Saggy,
    Indicted for what? Please look further into this and give us an update. This is an interesting news.
  • Yepz. Indicted for being !@@#$$%%^^&&&& ugly.
  • noname
    Maybe some haters are the ones spreading around wrong information. If it is, in fact, true, it will be a viral topic all over social media by now.
  • I think the Governor of Yap is a low key guy. You wouldn't even realize he was the Governor in a crowded room of people.
  • your fucking unbelievable noname, just to sit your ass down, go play with the kids oready, you act like you can man up to what the real man are talking about ut in reality you will be hiding and running for sure....
  • Well who's President doesn't care about there Island that is falling apart and there OWN PEOPLE GOING HUNGRY?
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