The DOJ released the FISA applications it used to secure a wiretap on Carter Page who was advising Trump during the 2016 election. And guess what, those FISA applications list the Democrat Party funded Steele Dossier as the major source behind the FISA applications to get a warrant to wiretap Carter Page.

Another bonus that came with the released documents was the date in which the FISA was approved by the DOJ&Whitehouse as October of 2016. Not looking good for the democrats and their narrative that this investigation is not POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.

Who was in charge of the DOJ when this was approved? The answer is Susan Rice. Who appointed her to head the DOJ? The answer to that is Obama. The FISA applications wouldn't have been approved without approval from the Whitehouse.

Here are the Facts
-The Steele Dossier was funded by the Democrat party has research into Trump during the 2016 election.
-Same Democrat funded Dossier used by FBI to get wiretap warrant on Carter Page.
-DOJ was headed by Susan Rice who approved the FISA.
-FBI was headed by James Comey who was appointed by Obama.
-Whitehouse-Obama approved both applications and warrant.

It will be now hard for democrats to defend the notion that the investigation into Trump is not POLITICALLY MOTIVATED since Their Dossier is the major reason why behind warrants for a FISA to wiretap Page and also the people who headed the DOJ and FBI are close friends of Obama and were appointed by him.

Like the man said this is all a witch hunt. A $17 million dollar witch hunt. Brought to you by the party that can't accept that they lost fair and square to a man they overestimated.


  • I misspoke here. Trump is Putin’s bitch
  • What did i say @Reaper, i said back in 2017 back in here that this was a scam. Said the FBI used the opposition research funded by the democrats to spy on Trump and his campaign but i was called a liar by the fake jew @SaremChuuk and FactsMatters. How is it not when a unproven dossier which use informations supplied by Russians is used to investigate Trump. Feels good to be proven right again.
  • Watched CNN report on this 13 hours ago when the papers were made available to the public and in that 10 minute video report not a single mention of the steele dossier was mentioned. Jake Tapper who was hosting the report kept on saying a source of information was used in the FISA in substitute of the Steele Dossier. They can't even acknowledge on their report that the FBI used their party's dossier to get a FISA.
  • Remember when democrats said the FISA warrants didn't used any informations from dossier that their party paid for? Then the Nunes memo proved that to a lie. Democrats counter with their own memo saying that only little parts of their party funded dossier was used. And now FBI released its documents which says that the democrats funded dossier played a major part in the FISA applications. Now democrats are claiming the FBI would be negligent in its duty if it didn't use any informations/democrats funded steel dossier in its investigations.

    Now we have the FBIs own FISA applications showing that the dossier was instrumental in obtaining the warrant. The FBIs own applications showed that the Nunes memo are overwhelmingly accurate while democrats lied.
  • Democrats are Defending their own party funded opposition research which was used and still have the audacity to say the FBI was right in using their own data to start a witch hunt.
  • @Rastaman

    Here is the timeline that regards this subject that DNC funded DOSSIER was used to get FISA warrant.

    1. February 2, 2018: The memo (Nunes/Republican) alleges that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) "may have relied on politically motivated or questionable sources"

    2. February 24, 2018: Democrats rreleased their own memo to counter the Republican memo. The democrats memo stated that their party funded dossier wasn't a determental In the FBI seeking FISA on the Trump campaign.

    3. July 22, 2018 (Yesterday): FBI released theor FISA applications and lo and behold those applications list the Steele dossier as instrumental in applying for the FISA against Trump.

    The FBI and democrats both said steele dossier didn't played any parts. But now the fbi owns released documents showed that both FBI and democrats lied.

    Trump was right in firing that jackbutt James comey. And he and republicans were right all along that some people in the Obama administration and FBI were biased and used a source from the opposition party to investigate the winning party of 2016 elections.
  • Your monkey spoke tough to Iran but tucked his tail under him for putin. Hahahaha
  • Your monkey spoke tough to Iran but tucked his tail under him for putin. Hahahaha
  • more like “Ijeoma" derangement syndrome....

    People are being hurt everyday by the racism that Trump is peddling, by the bravado that he is giving to White Supremacists everywhere invoking violence, rape and unrest. If you support Trump, you are supporting White Supremacy, representing outrageous and disgusting views that in no way, shape or form represent or express the views of democracy, equality and freedom”. There is no compromise between equality and violent White Supremacy.

    Trump will fall, there will be no second time....
  • I need help in understanding this. The alleged white supremacist is not at all inciting any violences yet those that are actually in the act are pointing fingers!
  • Oalong, my friend, the very idea of white supremacist is already inciting hate which is the core of the problem, which translates into violence.....Hate and violence are the perfect marriage
  • edited July 2018
    Iran is Russias ally. So why is Trump threatening a ally of Putin. Does not make sense.

    Yup if you don't support the democrats you support the nazis and fascists and white supremacists said every democrats ever. If you don't vote or agree with us from the party of the donkey you are whatever we label you to be. Its no wonder they lost 2016 and heading to a big lose this fall. That identity politic BS doesn't work anymore. Even Obama said 2 days ago that it's ripping the democrats apart from within.
  • Putin’s bitch. Talk tough with Iran and tucks his tail with putin
  • Trump just reaffirmed the US support for Ukraine and rejects Russian claims to the Crimean peninsula. That narrative is not looking good.
  • But too cowardly your draft dodger to say it to Putin’s face in front of the world. Putin grabbed trumps pussy big time on the world stage.
  • What better way to say it than infront of the world. Hahaha. Its called keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Hahaha. Rejecting Russian claim to crimea in front of the world political community. What better way to do it. MAGA!
  • It’s called me pussy been grabbed by that bad Russian. Trump: russia must not, Putin: Shut the fuck up... Trump: I’m sorry boss.
  • Trump is sooooo woried and worked up he has been raising funds for 2020 election. Hahahaha

    From Politico: President Donald Trump’s campaign has stockpiled $33 million in his campaign account two-and-a-half years before the next presidential election, new disclosures show, and businesses linked to both the president and his campaign manager Brad Parscale are benefiting from Trump’s early efforts to build a large reelection campaign.

    2020 here come MAGA....Again
  • Putin to trump: shut the fuck up
  • I misspoke. Putin to Trump: shut the fuck up bitch. I left out BITCH. Lol
  • The EU has reversed its course and now agree to all of Trumps demand and also did a 360 and sided with Trump on the WTO. All in 24 hours.
  • And trump sucks putins balls
  • Not a single day of losing.

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