Security Breach At Chuuk Airport

While listening to the live session of the Chuuk House of Senate this morning, there was a serious item that was communicated to the Legislature regarding the breach of security at the Chuuk Airport. Apparently, this communication was sent from the pilot of the United Airline to the State Government regarding some passengers who snuck out from the arrival area and walked outside the building to the departure area to avoid security screening but luckily, they were seen or caught by the pilot. As a result, the pilot ordered all the passengers to deplane and went through the security screening again to identify the violators. Who knows, maybe this has been going on for a while but no action has been taken by the ground personnel. How could this be possible? Well, like they said, only in Chuuk. What the Governor should do is fire the airport manager, get rid of the airport securities, and ask the national government police to investigate and prosecute all the people involved. If Chuuk State is not taking any action due to politics, the United Airline should stop flying into Chuuk until corrective action is taken. This is serious as it involves the lives of the passengers.


  • I would much rather have airline employees, not Chuuk state employees, do the passenger screening.
  • I am going out on a limb here, but to help ensure compliance with international and national safety and security requirements, it is worthwhile having the FSM National Government run the airports and perhaps seaports in all the states, especially those which are international ports of entry.
  • Your idea makes sense and should be done long time ago. But I guess long time ago we did not have any problem with terrorists but now we do. And I trust that the national government will do a better job than Chuuk State.
  • FAA will shut it down.
  • Meanwhile, the Island Hopper celebrates its 50th anniversary.

  • Band-aide the wounded and not the unwounded. Only Chuuk needs help. The rest of the State airports are doing fine.
  • Did they check if the violating passenger a Pohnpeian who just tried to give the Chuuk Independence Movement a bad name?
  • Is the perception that we are under the same threat as the western world? If not, why the ridiculously clamped down security? Are we to believe that buildings in New York City collapsing constitutes a mortal threat to remote Micronesian Islands? Is it not a touch self-centered to assume, if I'm threatened the whole world must be in danger?
  • So why is there a post saying why are you so Proud About Micronesian Island and Chuuk was one of them Is this one of the proudest moment.
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