What can $130,000 representation fund as provided to incumbent FSM Congressmen pay for these day?

For Pohnpei, $130,000 representation funds can provide the following as example: At $19.50 per case of chicken, it can buy 6,6666 cases for campaign funds. At $22.00 for 40 lbs rice, the $130,000 can provide 5,909 rice as campaign donations. At $5 per bottle for Pohnpei sakau, it can provide 26,000 bottle of sakau at the sakau bar. As such, let's hope that the $130,000 will be used for good cause; and not simply used to influence votes.

It's clear that this $130,000 representation fund could provide an insurmountable obstacle to any new person who wants to run for the Congress. Even the current FSM President will be handicapped by this amount since he does not have access to this new representation fund which, I believe, applies only to the Legislative branch. I hope the representation fund will be used for the well being of constituents; not to buy votes. Just some thoughts on this nice and cool Friday morning here in Kolonia.


  • If you are really looking at it, the Congress's representation funds is like salaries, can be spent for anything. To avoid tax, the Congress, intelligently labeled the funds as representation to avoid tax. The FSM Public Auditor and the AG should look into this and take corrective action. But I doubt that these two offices will take action since the heads of these offices would like to remain in their positions. Very sad.
  • Let these self serving congressmen live well at the expense of a poor population. Their karma is booked.
  • Trump derangement syndrome.
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