Former PATS Hill Facilities Have A Pulse !

A major grass and bush clearing has undraped five of the institution's buildings this month - July 2018.
What a very pleasant sigh, and hopeful relief that life will soon return to the Tamworohi Hill once again, after more than two decades of being dormant.
Word in the village is FSM President P. Christian is spearheading governmental efforts to churn the facilities into use.
All the best, sir.


  • PATS could be revived as a real vocational institution, providing training for construction trades and others, so that residents could obtain jobs here or in the US. Our young adults migrating to the US for work should be armed with more than a high school degree for better paying jobs.
  • bring the top trainers in to this project so that we can get the highest certification program accreditations...its what counts
  • I was once a student there, PATS gave me an opportunity to advance in schools and jobs here in the USA, being a journeyman in the construction field is very rewarding and I'm glad that I attended the best vocational school in the entire Micronesia. My only hope is that PATS revived with the same set of criculum.
  • visafree, I too was at PATS. When were you there? Send me a private message.
  • I went elsewhere and did not attend PATS. But I have witnessed the excellent contributions to our nation from those that went to PATS. I hope it start functioning again so that other young man and women would have the same opportunity to attend. However, beware of the last Board of Directors. They were that ones that really sunk PATS. I am sure someone still know who they were. And if you do, please name them so that the New PATS would be aware of them.
  • I hope the National Government is not going to operate the revived PATS. Everything the government puts its hands on always failed. Let a non-profit agency or the Catholic Church runs the school. All the national government can do is to provide funding. We need another father Castikan or whatever the name is.
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