Aside from the politic typhoon craziness.

I have three questions to ask.In regards for the modern Marshallese culture.I'm concerned about these three aspects of "traditions" that play major roles on our society today.

Marshallese Tattoo:WHY ISN'T OUR EOLENWA BEING REVIVED? I mostly see this trend of Polynesian "Tau tau" going about back home and abroad.Some would go as far to say that it's the original designs decended from poly navigators that once visited our lands(I don't think they ever stepped foot on our kingdoms,No known oral stories said they did).We're appropriating it a bit too far.Why not our own.The designs,Untensils,Meaning of the motifs,Mythology behind the Eolenwa,And ceromonial ritual are all there.Was never "extinct".But it seems none have any interests on bringing it back.A group of my friends here at the states would love to revive the tradition though as the saying goes.Persmission from the Chiefs above all else is a vital custom.We respect the old ways then again it must revived and preserved.I want to wear the designs proudly.Not the one we idolize over today.

Marshallese Music:WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR ORIGINAL? Music today within the Marshallese kingdoms back in the old country well as abroad.Is primarily Contemporary tunes from the 60-70s,Polynesian,and gospel.I grew up with these music.The more I became an adult as interests for our culture grew.Confusion swept through my mind.It sounds nothing like Rilollelaplapian.It's said and documented that our people was more choir like with chant while equipped using our only instrument The Aje(Drum).The chants was more melodic and soothing than the ones we hear today that sounds like(no offense) stray cats fighting in an alleyway.Our people should revert back to our ways.To be a true Rimajol today is like standing between a wall while the culture is blocked from the other side.Surely our tune of music might still be out there.

Marshallese Dance:DO WE HAVE OUR OWN UKURE/DANCES? The dance forms our people display is and have predominately been the Spanish folk dance and Polynesian.To me it's a slap to our ancestor's face.They're most likely rolling in the depths of the meto rn.The Spanish dance was introduced to us when they first encountered our islands.It intrigued our people much so we adopted the form.Polynesian dances for both men and women are performed during special occasion of any sort.To me it's all well and good.Although it'll be good to see our own dances for a change.And not these cultural replacements.

Each time I attend these Kemems or the traditional celebration of an infant child and same goes for a wedding of couples.It saddens me to not witness any originality of our dance,Music,or the display of our ancient Eoon/Eolenwa art.I refuse to adopt this modern culture and call it my own.Hate to sound like an a## my jatu.But speaking from both Heart and the highest respect for our Riettos.I'm sure you'd understand.


  • Not just in Marshall that's happening but throughout Microensia as well.Same can be said....
  • Only navigators and leaders of wars and medicine men along with people who know how to read the skies get tattoos back then. The only way for commoners to get tattoos back then was through the jip in jowi ceremony. Which each clans provided their nominee for getting tattooed, the winners get tattooed while the losers were killed in this ceremony.

    Tattoos have meaning the eolenwa tattoos were infestation about navigation and wave patterns. Young kids back home are getting it through western way of tattooing without knowing what thise tattoos mean.

    Some of the eolenwa pattersn are strictly reserved for chiefs but I've seen commoners back home sporting them without knowing their meaning.

    Its useless to have tattoos if you don't know what they mean.
  • @Reaper/I've been reading up on Dr.Spennemann's essay on our Tattoo.Its a spear through my heart to find out how much is lost.My friends and I will at least try to bring it back.To find these meanings behind it all.Thats seem to be missing.The understanding of the designs.Aside from everything else.

    (link to Spennemann's Essay on Marshallese tattooing.)-http://marshall.csu.edu.au/Marshalls/html/tattoo/frame3.html

    Part of my blood gives me an option to have pride in the European culture.Though I have not been there despite reading so much about it.I'm a son of the Lollelaplap kingdoms and will die as one.
  • @Reaper/What goes for our Music and dance forms? Are they lost as well?
  • @ reaper, what exactly a "jip in jowi" means?

  • Its like the hunger games. The winner get tattooed.
  • @Reaper/That sounds rad man.Our ancestors litterily put the run in fun.I don't see that in other Micronesian society.
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