So Chuuk independence movement wants to achieve "non-aligned military" posture in the world?

T, so you wrote: "The truth is that most on the Commission would want a non-aligned military status on the international stage..."

You're scaring me! Isn't the "non-aligned military status" a radical concept that was promoted by the late Hugo Chavez of the now bankrupt Venezuela? Didn't he try to get extremely poor countries in Africa, South America and other regions to join the "non-aligned military" clique--in order to show the world that the non-aligned countries did not care about the US or other international orders? I may be wrong; if so, please correct me.

If I am right, then, please note that Venezuela under the presidency of Madero, the hand-picked successor of Chavez has succeeded in bring Venezuela, which is one of the oil-rich countries in the world, down to economic chaos; with a lot of poor people going around hungry; and some women doctors, so we're told, selling themselves in order to get money just to feed their families. The nation continues to spiral downward with hyperinflation that is out of control, etc. If Venezuela is one of the faces of "non-aligned military" movement countries, why would you want Chuuk to follow that failed path?

Isn't it already hard enough for Chuukese young people who cannot find jobs in Chuuk; and have to migrate to Guam and other US jurisdictions to make a living; and send some money home to their parents. If "non-aligned military posture" is one of the goals of the Commission, then, I am sorry, but I think it will only harden US's position regarding allowing Chuuk or China or anybody from outside to intervene.

I think Chuuk is too small to have any kind of impact, even if you were a member of the "non-aligned military alliance" with communist and socialist countries. Sorry, if I totally misunderstood the meaning of your "non-aligned military" position that the Commission is supporting, please explain it here. Your posts are always good; so I should give the benefit of the doubt that I misunderstood your statement. You have a great day.


  • Taxi- I think you should explain your statement about the independence Commission being interested in Chuuk's future that is described as "non-aligned military status on the world stage". I am sure this statement has been captured by the US Embassy, not only in Kolonia but throughout the world. How can a small country, a state within the FSM, is looking for ways to breakout from the FSM; for the purpose of independence in pursuit of not only economic benefits for its people but also interested in the "non-aligned" military status.

    It seems that a "non-aligned military" status is meant to undermine the bedrock principal of the "denial right" as part of the Freely Associated States relationship as described in the Compact between the FSM and US. If Chuuk chose to become independent, could it be allowed to break the agreements under the Compact that were agreed to by Chuukese voters and leadership during the UN's observed plebiscite. Can Cuba push US out of Guantamano while the agreement, as made by duly elected Cuba government prior to the revolution, expires by its terms?

    I think many people do agree with your gripes about the FSM national government. But I think not many people would agrees to the proposition that Chuuk, once independent, will be able or plan to stick its fingers in the eyes of the US.

    So please explain what is the "non-aligned military status on the world stage mean". I probably have misunderstood your position. If yes, I am sorry about that. And that will be my last post on this matter. Have a nice day.
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