Trump: 7 Years From Now I Will Leave The Office(WHITEHOUSE)

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Trump tweet 22 hours ago.

7 more years to go. 7 more years of liberals losing their minds. And 7 more years of Making America Great and Keeping it Great.

He already knows the outcome of the democrat witch hunt. And that is it will come to nothing. By the way Manafort started his trial yesterday and the prosecution/Mueller is trying him for things he did in Ukraine. Things he did while working for Clinton and Obama. Manafort is being prosecuted for money laundering while working for the podesta group who was retained by Hillary Clinton.

Great news indeed.


  • I suppose Fox is the non fake news?
  • Who cares about fox news. 7 more MAGA years to go.
  • The trial for Manafort my end early if Muller and his legal team will not be able prove to the Judge/Jury that he is guilty as charged. I agree with the Judge that the leftist's aim is not Manafort but Trump. But so far, no indication that Trump will be implicated.
  • The charges against Manafort are dated from 2012-2014. All charges are related to his work in Ukraine when he was working for the Podesta group who in turn was retained by then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was Obama's Sec of State.
  • What really amazed me is how lavishly Manafort spent his monies on clothing, watch and other items that I considered as nonessential. This guy must be rich to be able to spent his monies like this. Like the judge said, being rich is not a crime. I think the leftists are just jealous.
  • he told nbc it was the Russian investigation that made him fire comey. Case shut. Obstruction proven.
  • A lot can happen in seven years.His health will play a major role during his presidency.
  • We know he will still have putin balls deep in his throat, porno style
  • what else do you know noname, please impress us....simply put, trump is condoning terrorists white supremacists and violence,,,,
  • One of the well-known black preachers said that Trump is the most friendliest President to blacks. I believed what the preacher said as proven by Trump's action in freeing the black lady from prison, by having the lowest unemployment rate for the blacks and latinos, creating more economic opportunities in the low income neighborhoods, and so forth. So, more and more the trial for Manafort is just one attempt by the democrats or leftists to get at Trump but from all indications, so far, the left-leaning prosecutors have not been able to come up with a witness to convince the Judge and Jury of any wrong doings of Manafort or Trump's involvement in the Russian conspiracy. In fact, the prosecutors decided the last minute not to call on their star witness, Gates, knowing that his testimony may backfire instead of helping them to convict Manafort. The Judge scolded the prosecutors when they said that they may not call on their star witness and this maybe the end of the witch hunt game for the democrats.
  • anyone including trump who support extreme right wing extremists are supporting white supremacist movement no matter if they're black or yellow or brown or white, they're all same. and you r no difference noname,.......
  • no, I am not a racist.
  • If you don't agree with us you are a racists. That left wing narrative is overplayed and falling a deaf hears. Only libs believe it. Hahaha
  • 7 more MAGA years to go.
  • The slogan of the democrat party is WE ARE CONFUSED.
  • Liberal narrative: Putin wants to destroy the US by making Trump make the US economy strong and and stop Germany from paying billions to Russia and rebuilding America's nuclear arsenal and military.

  • good its only 6 plus years left wont be that long
  • It's not easy to make Trump look intelligent. In fact, any and all attempts toward this end have failed utterly. It certainly isn't helping that he keeps twitching his thumbs and opening his mouth.
  • It's not easy to make Trump look intelligent. In fact, any and all attempts toward this end have failed utterly. It certainly isn't helping that he keeps twitching his thumbs and opening his mouth.
  • More intelligence than democrats the donald is. He won the whitehouse.
  • Nice meme but he is still the President. Lol
  • And your lips are still stuck to this ass clowns anus. The party of Reagan now the party of putin. USA USA USA
  • The party of Reagan has won another special election yesterday. Under Trump the GOP has won 8 out of 11 special election. Red wave baby, painting this country Red like Reagan, we going to shoot our guns we're going to eat our beacons.
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