Advocating for Change! Can we stand up to our political leaders and demand what we want?

Hi everyone. Just the other day, I attended a Senate hearing here in Washington DC where a group of experts on ozone and air quality discussed the detrimental effects of ozone on human health. Some of the Senate officials were attentive but there was one Senator who stood out. During the Q&A, it was obvious he had no idea what ozone is. My question for this forum is....
Do you think that sometimes our political leaders have no idea what they are doing concerning some issues that maybe just maybe.. We need to voice what we, the people, are not okay with in the form of sending them letters, lobbying, calling, holding hearings where they meet and learn from experts publicly or even just people who have experienced some form of injustice or struggle that the government should address directly, etc.. I mean, c'mon.. We elected these people so we have a say on what goes through and what doesn't and what we want and what they should focus on… Correct me if i am wrong but I just not have seen this happening.. All I see is a group of people always complaining about how everything is wrong and unfair and yet they do nothing about it, as far as i know… Does filial piety have anything to do with it? I am just rambling because I cannot find anything online that says otherwise so I invite any serious insight :)


  • Hmm interesting. Looking forward to seeing what kind of Insight people will have for this.
  • I think the first thing we should do is to stop the corruption or misusing of public funds by the FSM Congressmen. The audit reports already found the misused of public funds by the Congressmen but the FSM President and his AG are afraid to investigate and prosecute them or in other words, they do not have the balls to take action. There were some very disturbing findings in the audit reports including the use of public funds for private purposes, purchase of chicken, turkey tails, purchase of private boats, purchase of land for private use, like what the former Congressman from Southern Namoneas and Mortlocks did, paying the freight of dead bodies, paying for gasoline for private use, and many more. Please read the audit reports to understand the severity of these corruptions. So, the first question is, are these real public projects? What has the President and his AG do to deal with these corruptions? My answer is, "none." If these corruptions occurred in the USA ,Guam or Hawaii, these Congressmen, mostly or all of them from Chuuk would be in jail already. The current President and his AG need to do what the former AG under President Urusemal did, investigate these corrupted congressmen and put them in jail. Once this is done, it will act as a deterrence for future corruptions, I wish.
  • fuck you noname, I am half chuukese so, you hiding behind that small dick of yours behind a computer while talk in here like a tough guy, be more daring and speak up in open forums, you little shit..
  • @errr this is a professional forum! I beg for insight because I believe this is a serious issue on the islands and we need to address it somehow. Refrain from foul language! This is absolutely ridiculous..Instead of falling back on profanity, would you please at least attempt to communicate your disagreement to no name's comment in a civil manner?
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