Right/Conservative solution for climate change

What's Trump and his legions of rights leaners going to do about climate change? The world's most dire threat to our human existence.

(Must no longer dwell in the shadows and ignore the madness of politics.Therefore I'll stand by my views and battle it out with the alt Reich erm....I mean.Right.)


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    The climate has been changing for thousand of years. Renewable energy is the key but human technology isn't advanced enough for that. Nuclear war is more dangerous than climate change. At the moment the left is pushing for another war with Russia. They forget that the cold war ended 50 years ago.
  • Repo another dumb ass talking out of his ass. 50 years ago is 1968. The Cold War ended in the 1991 with fall of Berlin Wall and subsequent containment of communism. Just like his orange monkey talking total bs void of any truth and just hoping if they just keep making up shit their dumb ass base will believe it. News flash dumb ass your base is already stupid so don’t make up shit. Why work that hard? This goes for porno also. Hahahaha
  • Now this is worth talking about, what has trump done at paris accord, neglecting the poor lives of hundreds of thousands of poor ppl in the oceans of the world! presidential bullying or corruption for capitalism gain?....he doesn't bully, putin bullied ..... so its capitalism at its best, taking advantage and run with the money, ignore what the poor need
  • The only environment Trump cares about is the grass on his golf courses.
  • China and India are the major polluters of our environment. The reason why Trump pulled out from the Paris Accord is because it was unfair to the US while very lenient to China and India. There is nothing we can do except to rein in the major polluters to reduce the emission of gas from their factories into the atmosphere.
  • @Reaper/For thousands of years it has.When we humans came into the evolutionary theater to play our part.In so little time we managed to expel harmful manmade garbage out to this beautiful planet.Most Science Agencies not only within US.But throughout the globe.Points to man as the cause of CC.Renewable energy right you are.Same goes for Nuclear fusion.It's the Solution of our Energy struggle.Not only is it friendlier to the environment but also can last much longer.We're very close to achieving this milestone.Scienctist from Asia,Europe and here at home are working together for this to happen.Ten more years and we'll have a brighter future for mankind.

    War with russia.Most of us here within the left doesn't want that.It's Putin we worry about.Look at all the things he's done throughout his presidency.And let's not forgot this is the same man who defended people that says climate change is a hoax."They may not be crazy after all".Many of those in Russia wants him out.Same goes for our Fürher Trump.
  • Look at us.Pointing to one another printing blame on whomever.No country is innocent.It's our entire species fault for this predicament.Unless we start setting aside our major difference and try to at least unite for solving this problem.Maybe we'll have a good shot saving not only ourselves but all life who resides on this globe.We HOMOSAPIANS aka mankind have fked(excuse my language) this gorgeous planet beyond our own comprehension.
  • And it seems none of you conservatives have given me an answer to the question.What are you people going to do about this?

    Pray to God for help?
    Spend more money on military to save us perhaps?
    Open up more oil rigs and coal mines?

    Where are these scientist you claim to have whom says the exact opposite for what the majority of global scientists says about CC.
  • The air in China and India is so polluted people are walking around wearing masks. It is easy to talk to India but China?, it is very difficult. Look at what happened in South China Sea, just because of the name, China is claiming the entire sea area. We already know the sources of these pollutions. The problem is how to deal with them . You go and tell China and India to shut down their factories and they will give you their middle fingers.
  • If the US and Israel can come up with something to make the polluted gas caused by the factories in China and India to remain in their parts of the atmosphere instead of drifting into other countries atmospheres, that will be the solution to this climate change problem. Israel was accused by Iran for stealing their rainy clouds which caused severe drought in Iran. If Israel can do that, this idea of holding the polluted air or gas above China and India can be technologically done.
  • Let’s trap all the bs coming out of trump and his base and harness the power. Like manure, but their bs much more potent. Porno and repo can power Micronesia for weeks maybe months with the power of their bull shit. USA USA USA
  • since Trump has pulled out off the Paris Accord, the whole pacific nations should retaliate against his irrational decision and make demand for US or else the relationship means nothing to them.
  • The person with the gold makes the rules.
  • Noname,
    President Trump withdrew from the Paris agreement last year, arguing that it placed unfair burdens on the U.S. to curb carbon emissions and would ultimately hurt American businesses and industry....so the facts remain, the most powerful nation in the world would not set a good example, and your weak ass points of India and China cannot be the only thing here...its the principle baby!!! so wake up and smell the coffee Trump, you are bad leadership.
    A new study out Monday warns of the possibility of out-of-control global warming if humans fail to band together to fight the worst effects of climate change.
    The analysis, conducted by researchers at the Australian National University and the Stockholm Resilience Center, among other institutions, outlines the potential for a "threshold" that, if crossed, would lead to runaway warming patterns and the advent of a "Hothouse Earth."

    If such a threshold is crossed, the study warns, global average temperatures could climb as much as 8 degrees Fahrenheit above current temperatures and sea levels could rise 30 to 200 feet.
    "Crossing the threshold would lead to a much higher global average temperature than any interglacial in the past 1.2 million years and to sea levels significantly higher than at any time in the Holocene," the study says.
    The report is based on a review of past research of thresholds for climate change, according to USA Today.
  • Putin is not fighting for world supremacy he is fighting to keep Russia relevant. The people who want trump gone from the Whitehouse are the minority. Trump has increased US scientific research and development to look for solutions on alternative energy sources by 10 time of the Obama administration. And why should Americans taxpayers pay billions to the paris agreement when 3 of the greatest polluters on the planet (china-russia and india) aren't? Yet these 3 will take part in projects from american money.

    The climate has been changing for millions of years and what is happening now is part of the process.
  • you are dead wrong and when the MOST POWERFUL nation in the world does not want to take up that responsibility for world stability, its not our fault, it is the wimp in the seat of the president
  • I wonder why Trump has increased US science RN&D into looking for solutions pertaining to global warming and alternative energy. The last President cut back on this while the current president increased it by 10 fold. The last guy wanted to gave away billions of US taxpayers money to other countries while the present President want to spend US money within US scientific community looking for that answer.
  • Still an Ass Clown. USA USA USA
  • @Reaper,"last president cut back on this while the current president increase it by 10 fold".. this is not true, your statement is way backward just like how Trump thinks and say things, I wonder where do you get all your information from?..
  • Sadly, the Trumpsters get all their misinformation from Fox News, from Alex Jones' InfoWars, from Putin's RT (Russia Today) and from other rabidly right-wing, racist, Russia-loving sources.

  • Very interesting discussions. But, haven't we realized that global warming is Natural? Nature has it that the World would be getting warmer and warmer everyday. Natural happenings like global warming was set by the Creator! This means that there is nothing the human race could do to alter the course of Nature. This has been proven time and time again, yet some folks took advantage of it and find ways to get rich from it by levying $$$ on the subject. And what happened, the whole world responded and started donating money. Frankly this world is set to blow up when it gets to certain hot degrees. That is why the bible spoke about HELL. This world is going to burn (HELL). President Trump is being guided by the Creator and that is why the World doesn't like him.
  • It is a man made evolution as it was sized by world scientist back in 1985-86 when the world initiated the Montreal protocol and after the Tokyo protocol.
  • The godless democrats solution to global warming is give US tax dollars to Russia and China. The same countries the godless democrats are saying are our enemies.
  • @FactsMatters, TRUMP Derangement Syndrome also effect you. Red Wave baby, red wave. MAGA.
  • (laughter) bringing God into politics isn't going to do jack squat.
  • I remember when it was called warm weather then switched to el nino then green house effect then global warming now its climate disaster. Next its going to be global climate disaster. Can't wait for the next name switching to happen.
  • Chain migration for Russian wife family. Everyone else must end. Fuck your orange monkey hypocrite. USA USA
  • They came in the legal way, thr right way. USA USA USA. Lol
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